6 Awesome Ways to Hire a Street Artist

Awesome Ways to Hire a Street Artist

Street art is the rawest form of art. The main reasons being, it comes from limited resources, unexpected backgrounds, and mostly due to rebellion. There are multiple reasons why street art originates in the face of the world. It started in the years 1970 and 1980s when the only form of street art was tagging names, writing on the walls, and randomly performing music in a subway.

Street artists are mostly young people who did not know their innate talent, to begin with. They were just going from one place to another and got bored on the way so they decided to play some music or have a little dance. And today street art is now a full-time profession. Now we have street artists for hire at Book an Artist so you can hire them at your own convenience.

Types of street art and why are they so famous

The world has seen a lot of artists over the years, from the music industry to Broadway. History has shown that the best of artists have emerged from the streets. This is because talent comes from everywhere unexpectedly: 

  • Street dancers

Street dance originated in the 1970s from Manhattan, Bronx when hip hop cultivated to speak against high-art dance and ballerina 

  • Graffiti artist

Awesome Ways to Hire a Street Artist

This started when a 12-year-old troublemaker went around on the streets making graffiti art and drawings all over the city. Wall art comes from rebellion when people disagree with other people and throw out their frustration on the walls in s color splash. 

  • Spray painters

This is another type of wall art where the colors are played with spray cans and messages are spread across the world. 

  • Sideway chalk art

Sideway chalk art

As kids, everyone has done this writing with chalks over walls and roads. But only a few have made a well-grown profession out of this. If you don’t find them on the side of the road, you will find them at street artists for hire at Book an Artist.

  • Sculpture art

One of the most underrated yet exceptionally beautiful art is sculpture art when the resources are nothing more than some mud and a piece of wood. 

Influence of Street art over the world

Street arts have been a sign of rebellion ever since its existence. Even today, when people are angry with their government to go out in the streets and make art. Contemporary dance performances, meaningful poetry, and much angrier colors are seen to be splashed across the walls.

Awesome Ways to Hire a Street Artist

Even without rebellion, street art is also used to express joy in people’s hearts. When there is a cricket match, posters and sketches of the cricketers are seen all over the city. These are seen by the common people and by the street artists for hire at Book an artist. 

But the most important way on how street art is the most influential is because it not only encourages more people to express themselves but also because it provides opportunity and a way to make money. There is now a wide acceptance of street artists and a huge amount of respect for them. Hence people now hire street artists for company branding. 


Street art has come a long way from the 1970s when people would rather avoid the artists because they are either the ‘rouge’ kids or the troublemakers. Times have changed and there is a massive want for these street artists. People have come to realize that they have a huge influence on the common people because it is more real and more grounded unlike the filtered cinema screen hence people relate to their roots and the demand for street artists is increasing day by day