6 Creative Corporate Event Ideas You’d Probably Want To Steal

Creative Corporate Event Ideas You’d Probably Want To Steal

You’ve probably heard that creativity is the key to success. Creativity can be used in many different ways, but it all comes down to having an idea and then making it happen.  It doesn’t matter if you are in charge of a large corporation or just looking for new ways to make your own life more exciting; creativity will always help you achieve what you want.  Here are six creative corporate event ideas that have been proven successful by others, maybe one of them could work for you!

1. Hire A Comedian

After a long day of hard work, employees can use a good laugh, and that is exactly what they will get from hiring a comedian. This simple event idea can be as short or as long as you need, with or without a meal. Whether your employees are 20 or 50, they will all enjoy the opportunity to laugh and be entertained for a few hours.

There is no better way to end your busy day than with a good laugh. If you are looking for ideas on who to hire for your event, you can simply google “party hire experts in Sydney”, if you live in Sydney for example, and you will immediately see what options you have available in that area. A comedian will not only make you and your coworkers smile, but they will also put the finishing touches on an event that has been successful and unforgettable.

2. Have A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the most memorable events you can plan, and it can be customized to fit any group or location. You can make it as simple (finding items in your local grocery store) or as complex (identifying constellations in the night sky) as you like. 

Not only does this keep your employees occupied and active, but it also challenges them to think outside the box. Maybe they will find a new way to solve your company’s problem or meet someone they never would have had the opportunity to work with otherwise. A scavenger hunt is also something that can easily be shared on social media, increasing its popularity. 

3. Put Together A Mystery Dinner

Another event idea that can have a wide range of customized possibilities is a mystery dinner. You provide a theme or setting for the evening, and then your guests must solve several clues that bring them all together at the end. It’s a great way to get your employees thinking and talking, and it also makes for an excellent team-building opportunity.

A mystery dinner is a great idea for an event, especially if you want to bring your employees together. It can be fun and creative, but it may not be good for every type of work environment. A mystery dinner will only work with physical teams or teams that are accustomed to working in close proximity to one another. If you’re organizing a virtual team, this isn’t something that will work well at all.

4. Have A Multi-Sport Competition

A multi-sport competition would be a great idea for a corporate event because it provides an opportunity for the employees to blow off some steam. With a multi-sport competition, not only will you get to see your employees have fun, but you’ll also get to see them use their problem-solving skills and creativity. The games can be tailored to fit the company culture. 

Competition is always a good thing, it brings out the best in everyone involved. If you decide to have a multi-sport competition, then you could have all of your employees participate in the same event. This would allow them to work together as a team to achieve their goal. Examples of sports include softball, basketball, volleyball, or even bocce ball depending on the size and number of people attending.

5. Get Creative With Food

Some people might say that the food is one of the most important things at your company event. That’s because, in essence, it’s what everyone eats and drinks while they’re there which will make up a large part of their memories from the event. What would you like people to remember when they think back on the food at your corporate event?

A memorable event is not complete without a delicious meal. If you want to be creative with your food, then there are a number of possibilities. Consider having an outdoor barbecue on the beach or in the forest, for example, everyone will love that. Finger foods are also great for employees who may want to socialize rather than sit down and eat a formal meal.

6. Hold An Awards Show

Employees love to be recognized for their work, and you also have the opportunity to reward them with something they truly want, recognition from their peers. You can put together an award show that would highlight your employees’ best traits and qualities. Doing this will not only boost their confidence, but it will also make them want to work even harder for your company.

This is your chance to create something beautiful, unforgettable, inspiring, maybe even legendary. People love stories about the boss who did something special for his or her team so think outside of the box! You don’t have to choose between honoring people with awards, handing out bonuses/bonus trips, or keeping it low-key with just food & drink, find what works best for your company and go with that!

If you’re looking for corporate event ideas, we’ve got six unique and creative suggestions that are sure to impress your clients! What’s more, all of these events can take place in-house so the only thing you’ll need is a little creativity. These 6 tips will help you create memorable moments with your employees while also providing them with innovative ways to contribute their skillsets. We hope this article has helped inform and inspire you with creative ideas for your future event!