6 Hidden Netflix Features You Probably Didn’t Know About


It’s time to delve deeper into the world of Netflix and uncover its lesser-known aspects. Once upon a time, the company merely replaced the video rental stores that used to be the hub of weekend entertainment. Today, in just a few short decades, this entertainment giant has not only replaced those stores but also spawned colloquial slang like “Netflix and Chill.” Having Netflix on in the background has become so commonplace that the company even checks in on you every few episodes to make sure you’re alright. As you settle in for a night of binging your favorite shows, take a moment to appreciate the meteoric rise of Netflix and the unique features it offers, all while wondering what could possibly come next.

#1 Secret Netflix Codes

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Netflix, only to settle for the same old shows in the same familiar categories? Well, it turns out there’s a secret world of hidden categories and genres waiting to be discovered! Many people don’t realize that Netflix actually has tons of content, with new titles being added every week. However, the recent changes to their user interface have made finding these treasures even more challenging. Fear not, for a group of dedicated individuals have delved into the depths of Netflix’s category codes and uncovered a remarkable list of sub-categories for your viewing pleasure. Unlock a new binge-watching experience by bypassing the standard Netflix interface and explore the hidden gems that the algorithm has been keeping from you! Here is a list of secret codes. This hidden menu can be found at netflix.com/browse/genre/CODE. It remains to insert the code there and you will see a lot of content that was previously unavailable.

#2 Organize a Digital Party

There are times when the idea of gathering with friends and family for a movie night seems appealing, yet the prospect of physically meeting up may not. Perhaps a global pandemic is limiting social contact or one might be experiencing the conundrum of both introversion and extroversion simultaneously. No matter the reason, the human mind is a puzzling aspect of our existence, and it’s okay not to fully comprehend our desires.

Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party, offers a convenient solution to this paradox. As a free browser extension, it enables users to host virtual movie nights without the hassle of coordinating in-person events. With easy installation, Teleparty makes it a breeze to pin the extension to your toolbar, choose a video, and initiate your virtual gathering. Once you start playing the video, party attendees can view the content concurrently, with a chat window in a sidebar to foster a sense of communal connection.

In fact, it is not always enough to simply launch a virtual party, you also need to make sure that all its participants have access to the movie and have sufficient bandwidth. If your ISP limits your speed, you need a Netflix VPN. You will greatly improve your Netflix streaming experience after installing the application, providing stable speed, high resolution, and no buffering. All you need is to install VeePN, which has everything you need to watch movies on any streaming service.

#3 Delete Browsing History

Imagine this: You’re mindlessly scrolling through your streaming account, and, oops! You’ve “accidentally” clicked on an Adam Sandler movie, much to your embarrassment. Or, maybe your kids have been watching “Moana,” and now your recommendations are filled with nothing but Disney movies. You don’t want your family or friends to think these choices are a true reflection of your taste, right? Well, fear no more! With just a simple click, you can delete your browsing history and remove any titles that you’d rather not showcase. Retake control over your streaming experience and let your account reflect the real you! So go ahead, click here to erase those unwanted titles, and customize your recommendations to your liking.

#4 Downloading Movies

Imagine the luxury of possessing the power to curate a one-of-a-kind media library perfectly tailored to your unique tastes, readily available at your fingertips regardless of time and place. Netflix transcends the ordinary streaming service to provide you with such an indulgence. With the incredible option to download your favorite movies and TV episodes directly onto your device, you no longer have to endure the frustration of exhausting your valuable data with ceaseless streaming. Revel in a fluid, personalized entertainment experience, with your very own Netflix collection, even in the absence of limitless internet access. Embrace the versatility of Netflix and redefine the way you consume media.

#5 Use personal profiles

Are you constantly inundated with an overwhelming amount of shows on Netflix that doesn’t pique your interest? Worry no more, for there is a simple solution to tailor your viewing experience and rescue you from the clutches of unappealing recommendations. By creating your separate profile on Netflix’s intuitive platform, you can instantly break free from the seemingly endless suggestions of shows like Grey’s Anatomy. With a personalized profile, you’ll discover a plethora of shows that align with your tastes as you bid adieu to your girlfriend’s favorite picks. Moreover, this approach effectively eliminates any possibility of disagreement when choosing what to watch on a shared account. Ultimately, this method is a surefire way to revolutionize your streaming experience, making it enjoyable for both you and your partner – a true win-win situation!

#6 Get rid of your ex

Ah, the age-old dilemma of sharing Netflix passwords with roommates and significant others! While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, there may come a point where you’re no longer cozy with these people and would like to reclaim your account. Whether you’ve moved away or gone through a breakup, you can finally bid farewell to these digital hitchhikers. The solution is simple: navigate to “My Account,” and from there, you’ll find “Sign out of all devices.” This action will instantly disconnect anyone who’s been taking advantage of your subscription. But don’t stop there: before you breathe a sigh of relief, be sure to update your password to seal the deal and maintain control over your cherished streaming experience.

Final Thoughts

Netflix is an incredibly versatile streaming service with many features that can be utilized to optimize your viewing experience. From downloading movies and using personal profiles, to getting rid of exes and deleting browsing history, there are plenty of ways to customize your account and make the most out of your subscription. Did you know about these hidden Netflix features?