6 Highly Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Productive

Highly Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Productive

When you run a business, you come to realize how dependant the success of your company is on the productivity of your employees. You’ll also come to realize that negative feedback or trying to force-feed them to do better is not an effective strategy at all, and you’ll soon start to lose people. In this day and age, the concept of fear and disconnect is not an approach that works, and it’s important for you to find creative and innovative ways to motivate your staff so that they have the urge to do better and grow within your company. This is why we’re going to provide you with 6 effective ways that are guaranteed to get the ball rolling to keep your employees productive and motivated without fail.

1. There Has to be a Plan

It’s difficult for a person to feel motivated if they don’t even know what it is they’re working for. You obviously have a plan and goals to work toward, but it’s just as important to let your staff know as well. Yes, they have certain jobs that they need to carry out, but you’ll find that they will become so much more productive once they realize what the end goal is and what the company’s growth and success mean for them as well. 

2. Lighting Makes a Difference

The aesthetics of the office play a huge role in the way your staff feels. Their mood can be affected by the furniture, how much space they have, and most of all, the lighting. Keep in mind that these people are dedicating a large fraction of their days to getting work done for you, so the fact that they don’t have natural light is a big deal. Set up the office in a way that allows as much natural light in as possible. Alternatively, there are a variety of options for you to use lighting in a smart way to brighten up the office, give the illusion of space, and help put everyone’s mood right so they can focus. 

3. Set up a Social Area for Breaks

We’re all human, after all. So it only makes sense that you create a fun space for everyone to have their breaks in. If you take the Australian workforce as an example, you’ll find that this is something that they find to be extremely valuable. There will never be an office without a decent coffee machine for Australian workplaces and this does a lot for the overall mood. Most adults rely heavily on their caffeine fix, so it’s important for you to go out of your way to provide them with the things that make them happy so that they can perform. You can also put in bean bags, colorful art, a ping pong or foosball table, and a snack machine or have the fridge filled with healthy sandwiches and snacks. 

4. Create Healthy Relationships

It is imperative that you work on building a healthy relationship with each and every one of your employees. When you create healthy relationships, you’ll find that it becomes more than just a job for them as well. They start to care about you and the goals of the company as if it were their own. When you have weekly or bi-weekly meetings, make sure that you dedicate time to listen to all of their ideas and actually take them into consideration. 

5. Show Appreciation and Give Rewards

A show of appreciation can be something as simple as the acknowledgment of a job well done, and that can make all the difference in how someone perceives their work. Pay attention to all the departments and get feedback so that you can give out rewards to those who stand out. This will motivate everyone to work harder. Take the team out for dinner or a day trip when you reach an achievement in any of the departments. These details make a world of difference. 

6. Provide Prospects for Growth

When someone joins a company, they’ll work hard for only so long before they start to stagnate. You need to give your staff incentive to work harder, and this means they need to know that there is always a prospect for growth. Offer them courses and take them to seminars. Teach them the latest within your field so that they can feel what they do has a purpose and the potential to grow.

The tips provided here are sure-shot ways for you to run a successful company that is built on a solid foundation. You will never succeed or go that far if your employees are not with you all the way. Once you know how to motivate your staff, the sky is truly the limit.