6 Reasons Why Dogs Bark

Reasons Why Dogs Bark

Most dog owners tend to face a problem with their dogs always barking. Dogs communicate through a plethora of body language expressions coupled with barking. This is why whenever a tiny incident happens, you find your dog barking. No matter how hard you try to make the barking stop, you won’t be able to. Even if you try raising your voice or shouting, you will end up feeling as if you are barking along with your dog. What’s more important to know is why your dog is barking and act accordingly to relieve yourself from how annoying and frustrating it can be. 

Here are 6 reasons why your dog won’t stop barking:

1. Separation Anxiety

Dogs are pack animals and tend to be very attached to their owners. For this clinginess issue, you can read more here on why it happens. This is why they always start barking whenever you leave the house, as if they are trying to tell you not to go and to come back. Dogs do not only bark when the owners leave the house, but they also do so when their owners go to another room. However, this issue is very common because of the fact that dogs get separation anxiety because of their attachment to you. Rest assured that these anxieties can be reduced with some training.

2. Excitement

Pets are very playful; however, dogs are the most playful ones out there. This type of bark would be very common among little pups. In other words, the age that they are most playful at. Many dogs bark during performing a certain activity or playing with others. This happens as a way of expressing how excited and joyful they are. In addition, they can also do so when they know they are about to do a fun activity they enjoy, like going out for a walk or a car ride. 

3. Warning

This reason could be one of the most common reasons for a dog’s bark. A dog is very loyal to its owner. This loyalty makes the dog very protective of their owners. This is why whenever a dog senses danger or feels unsafe, it barks as loud as it can — a way to warn its owners. In other words, the dog does so to protect its territory and owner against anything they perceive as threats or danger, even if it’s just the mailman. It is as if your dog is trying to send you a signal that there is danger approaching you or it and that you need to take a cautious action. 

4. Fear

Dogs have fears just like people. They can get scared of anything. For example, some dogs are afraid of the rain. Others are afraid of other dogs, strange people, or other animals. Little pups can be afraid of going down the stairs. The bottom line is that they have fears and whenever they feel scared they tend to bark in order to alert their owner that they are scared. They are trying to send their owner a message to make them feel safe and protected. You can simply tell the fear of bark by the dog’s posture. You will find your dog’s tail held low with its ears pinned back. You can also tell by the scared look that is very clear in their eyes.  

5. Communication with Other Dogs

It makes perfect sense that just like humans have had languages to communicate with each other, dogs have barking to do so as well. It is very common to notice your dog suddenly barking out of nowhere and then find another dog across the street responding with barking of their own. Later, you could find 2 more dogs in the same block barking as well. This would be mainly your dog communication with the other dogs around. 

6. Attention Seeking Out of Boredom

This is one of the saddest reasons when your dog starts to bark for no reason just because it is boring. They usually do this when they are bored and need some attention from their owners. The boredom bark can also be a result of releasing the excess amount of energy the dog has and can’t let out in any other way for how lonely it is.

Reasons Why Dogs Bark

A barking dog could be quite frustrating for anyone. There are many reasons behind a barking dog, since it is their way of communicating with others. However, once you start to understand their way of communication, you will find things getting much easier for you. Additionally, you will be able to take the correct action to make the barking stop.