6 Things You Need to Know About Travelling with Your Vape Kit

Things You Need to Know About Travelling with Your Vape Kit

If you plan to travel with your vape kit, you must be willing to take the necessary precautions and play by the rules. Traveling with the items involves planning how you will pack them, the ideal conditions for storage, and understanding the rules related to the means of travel. You must also understand the vaping laws in the country or state you plan to visit.

Packing your Vape Items

The first rule is to ensure the vaping juice does not spill and protect your other luggage in case of any spillage. You need to ensure all the vape kits are dry and the bag is free from moisture. Keeping them dry requires an appropriate means to store the vape items before mixing them with other luggage.  You can store them in the following ways;

  • Waterproof pouches: when you headed to regions with high humidity, such as coastal regions, the waterproof pouch will keep the kits free from moisture.
  • Dry bag: Get a dry bag with water or humidity-proof internal lining to store the kit. Ensure the bottles are seal-tight.

Vape case: Find a perfect vape case to protect your juices, such as cotton candy puff bar disposable vape and other kits, by keeping them in position.

Things You Need to Know About Travelling with Your Vape Kit

Know the Rules and the Laws Regarding Vaping

Whether you are traveling by plane, car, or cruise, ensure you know the vaping laws in the country or the state you are visiting. Vaping is regulated in many countries, so, before crossing the border, especially at the airports, ensure the kits are well hidden and in line with local laws. Be aware that in some nations like the UAE, vaping is a crime, do not carry your kit to such places. 

The following countries prohibit vaping:

  • UAE
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  • Singapore

For countries that allow traveling with vape kits, ensure you know the Transportation Security Administration rules.  The TSA rules state that you can only travel with vape kits in a carry-on bag.  Do not carry more than the prohibited vape juice levels. Some countries such as Japan, Australia, and Norway allow vaping but selling or buying nicotine vape juice is a crime.

Traveling via Plane or Train

Vaping is prohibited in airports and train stations. Most stations treat vaping like smoking, so you need to watch out and avoid violating smoking rules. If you must vape, ensure you do it at the designated smoking zones or lounges. However, most airports and train stations do not have such spaces.

Things You Need to Know About Travelling with Your Vape Kit

Vaping is a crime when you are on board a plane; if caught, you could be facing a minimum of $ 4000 fine. It is also illegal to charge vape devices on a plane. Turn off the vaping device so that it does not misfire while on board.

While traveling with vape juice on trains or planes, you need to store them in transparent Ziploc bags for easy inspection.

Things You Need to Know About Travelling with Your Vape Kit

Traveling via Boat or a Cruise

Cruise lines have their rules regarding vaping; some declare it illegal, while in others, you are free to vape as long as you do it in the designated smoking zones.  While on a cruise, do not vape in balconies, bars, pool decks, or casinos. Do it at the designated vaping zones and if you are unsure, ask the staff for directions and guidelines.

While on a cruise, you need to ensure the vape kit is packed in a waterproof case or bag. Sometimes the environment at sea can get humid, or the rooms could get slightly moist. You also need to secure the kit and ensure the vape juice bottles are tightly sealed so that the juice does not spill when the sea gets rough.

Traveling via Car

If you are traveling with others in the car, ensure they are comfortable vaping in the car. It is not also advisable that you do not vape in the car. You need to drive and focus on the road; vaping can distract you, leading to accidents. Never leave the vaping kits in a hot car; ensure the windows are halfway closed to allow free air circulation.

Do not store the vape juices and other kits in an enclosed car trunk. This is to protect it from excess heat or humidity that may be trapped in the trunk. You can keep the vape case in the passenger seats. 

Avoid Disappointments While Travelling

For vape lovers, disappointments can be reaching your destination and discovering you have no charger. Other disappointments include running out of vape juice, burning the coil, or losing your vape kit. Ensure you carry a backup and other spare such as coils and extra vape juices. Do not assume you will buy on the way. Since you are new to the location, you may never know where to get the right accessories. As you pack, ensure you have everything you need. You can include your vape items in the packing checklist. 


If you treasure vaping, you need to avoid troubles and ensure you abide by safety rules regarding traveling with vaping items and vaping in certain states and countries. Develop a packing checklist so that you do not forget any crucial vaping accessories. Make sure you research the laws regarding vaping and traveling with vaping items in specific locations.