6 Ways A Responsible Travel Can Make Beaches Eco-Friendly

Ways A Responsible Travel Can Make Beaches Eco-Friendly

Traveling is the best remedy for city blues and mental exhaustion. The beach, the mountains, the buzzing tourist cities… and no matter where you go, you’re ready for a great vacation.

However, traveling comes with its own responsibilities. Yup, you read it right. As a traveler, you have an obligation to protect the environment while still enjoying your trip. And Holiable, a sustainable travel guide, is here to help you figure out how. 

Conserve Water

Water resources around the world are already overwhelmed by over-use and wastage. This is why it’s essential for you to know how to save water while traveling. 

The easiest thing to do would be to choose a shower over a bath, as it doubles the amount of water used. You could also try and wash your clothes by yourself if you can, as the hotel laundry uses up a lot more water than you think.

Never Litter

Littering is a disgraceful and unforgivable act. It not only ruins the beauty of the landscape but also leads to improper waste management and an unhealthy environment in the local area. 

We encourage you to follow a leave-no-trace regimen. This entails that wherever you go, whether it be a camp or a beach, make sure anything you bring in, you bring out as well. And it’s also a good idea to carry a small bag with you to collect the trash in case there isn’t a trash can near you. 

Travel During the Offseason

Think outside the box. Would it be possible for you to travel outside the peak season? Overtourism is destroying beaches and putting a significant strain on local communities.

If you can’t resist visiting popular attractions, try to visit them during off-peak times. And the money you spend then will also help the businesses there during the times of struggle.

Say No to Plastic

A plastic bag for this, a plastic bag for that — this is how we feel every day. But it can be quite overwhelming. And the easiest way to reduce your plastic consumption is to simply say no. 

Avoid buying plastic products, always take with you reusable alternatives and say no to plastic bags. And where possible, try to gently educate locals on the negative consequences of plastic. 

Choose Responsible Tour Operators

If you’re traveling as part of a tour, do your research. Choose a travel brand that’s eco-friendly. 

Are they just a party company, or do they actually care about the communities they visit? Do they condone animal torture, or have they signed with any wildlife protection bodies? And do they live by these values, or are they simply words on a page?

Go for Eco-friendly Options

Over the last few years, many hotels are making a conscious effort to preserve their resources and protect the environment. 

Try to pick eco-hotels that have sustainability initiatives, such as rainwater harvesting, solar power, energy-efficient lighting, and more. It can impact the environment a lot more than you think.