6 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You With Your Chronic Back Pain

Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You With Your Chronic Back Pain

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It’s a fact that back pain is a significant issue in the United States. From 2013, there have been millions of doctor visits for low back pain, which is the leading cause of disability among people between 20-39 years old. Massage therapy has been shown to help with chronic back pain more than any other form of treatment. Here are six ways massage therapy can help you if you suffer from chronic lower back pain.

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Massage Therapy Can Reduce Stress

One of the main reasons people suffer from chronic back pain is stress. When you are stressed, your muscles tense up, which can cause major discomfort in your lower back. In line with brisbanewestosteopath.com.au, massage therapy has been known to reduce stress and lower cortisol (the primary hormone for stress) levels in the body. This can lead to a reduction of back pain when relaxation is achieved.

Therefore, if you are feeling stressed out, a massage therapy session can help you reduce the tension in your muscles and will likely lead to lower back pain. However, this process should not stop at massage therapy since stress can cause other issues in your life. To truly reduce the amount of chronic lower back pain you experience, you must find a way to manage your stress levels through yoga or meditation sessions, for example.

Massage Therapy Can Help You Relax

As mentioned before, when you are stressed or in a bad mood, your muscles tense up and cause chronic pain. Massage therapy has been shown to help people relax by stimulating feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

These hormones can reduce depression symptoms and trigger relaxation so that the tension is relieved from your body. This will lead to lower back pain and a calmer you. To achieve this benefit from massage therapy, make sure that your therapist is well-trained in the art of Swedish massage technique since it is one of the best forms for relaxation purposes.

Therapy Can Improve Blood Flow In The Body

When you suffer from chronic back pain, blood flow can be impaired in the body. One of the main reasons for this is because your muscles are tense, which constricts or prevents proper circulation to all parts of your body, including those areas where discomfort may occur.

However, according to research by Dr. Vodder School, a renowned international expert for massage therapy, when a person receives regular massages to help with chronic back pain, blood flow in the body is improved. This means that your muscles get more of what they need so that less tension can reduce or eliminate lower back pain.

Massage Therapy Helps Ease Muscle Tension

Massage therapy has been shown to help with chronic back pain because it can ease tension in the muscles. When you are stressed, tense, or feel bad about something, your muscles will contract, which is when they become painful and cause discomfort in places like the lower back.

However, massage therapists have studied for years how to release muscle tension so that the body can feel relaxed. They will use their fingers, knuckles, and different massage tools to release these tight spots, so you’ll be able to walk away from your session feeling great.

A Regular Routine Of Massages Reduces Pain

One of the best things about massage therapy for chronic back pain is that it can help reduce or eliminate your discomfort over time. This means that when you get regular massages, whether they are Swedish techniques or deep tissue, you will feel better and more comfortable.

The reason why is because massage therapy has been shown to reduce pain in patients with chronic lower back issues by stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This, paired with a routine of massages, will ensure that you feel great and have no more muscle aches or tension, making it easier for your entire self (mentally and physically) to feel great.

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Increases Joint Mobility and Flexibility

Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You With Your Chronic Back Pain:

Joint mobility and flexibility is essential because it can help you move around more easily. When you suffer from chronic back pain, your muscles adapt to the discomfort, making them less flexible over time, leading to further injury and difficulty moving.

However, according to research, you can improve this issue of decreased flexibility and mobility through massage therapy. This is because a routine of massages helps to increase the flow of synovial fluid in your cartilage, which lubricates joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones so that they don’t feel stiff or sore anymore.

When you suffer from chronic back pain, massage therapy can help. The natural feel-good hormones released through a routine of massages will reduce stress and depression while improving blood flow in the body which helps to improve flexibility and mobility so you’ll be able to move around with greater ease.

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