7 Best CBD Lotion and Creams in 2022

Best CBD Lotion and Creams

When it comes to the use of CBD lotions and creams for beauty and pain relief, the recent WNBA champs will have to be on guard, as the sky’s the limit. This is because, while results are still early when it comes to the benefits, CBD use has shown great promise when it comes to its use as a therapeutic ingredient in lotions or creams—even if only anecdotally at this point.

If you want to incorporate a CBD lotion or cream into your routine, we’ve compiled seven of 2022’s best options below. They run the gambit from sports gels to facial creams, but each of the below comes highly recommended and is of superior quality.

7 Top CBD Lotions and Creams to Keep an Eye on for 2022

The seven CBD lotions below are some of the most highly recommended on the market today. Below, we will look at each in greater detail and list pros and cons, so be sure to read on!

Joy Organics – Organic CBD Salve

Our first CBD cream is this excellent salve from Joy Organics; with 500 mg of CBD per jar, it remains a truly premium option offered at an affordable price. And thanks to its all-organic ingredients and pleasant lavender-eucalyptus scent, you can feel good using the salve and enjoy it too!

What you’ll like about it: Even the most severe cases of dry or cracked skin will be no match for this hardy and effective salve. This is because the moisturizing properties of CBD are combined with eucalyptus and beeswax to create a potent and curative skincare product.

Something to consider: Besides its hydrating and moisturizing effects, this cream is also great for muscle and joint pain relief. And thanks to its pleasant scent, it is a favorite with everyone, from athletes to people with arthritis.

Joy Organics – CBD Sports Cream

Not all CBD lotions are straight beauty products, as this CBD cream from Joy Organics can easily illustrate. With the addition of menthol to their proprietary broad-spectrum CBD blend, this sports cream is the choice of discerning athletes everywhere, thanks to the fast and substantial relief it can provide.

What you’ll like about it: This CBD sports cream is perfect for all of the bumps and bruises that can pile up after a day full of activity. When applied topically, it works with the body’s natural systems to bring about an equilibrium of pain relief and restoration.

Something to consider: This product is certified to be THC-free, with 0.0% present. And users can have good peace of mind, as independent lab testing backs up these claims.

hey bud – Hemp Facial Moisturizer

Using hemp-seed oil as a primary ingredient and its winking moniker, this facial moisturizer from hey bud leans into its cannabidiol formula from the outset. And while it certainly is a CBD product, it still promises to hydrate skin in as little as 10 minutes fully.

What you’ll like about it: Regular use of hemp-seed oil can help stave off the body’s natural sebum production, leading to visibly less-oily skin after several uses.

Something to consider: The product is gentle enough for daily use, but those sensitive to products containing alcohols or glyceryl may want to look elsewhere.

Made By Mary’s – Muscle Freeze

If you are looking for a soothing balm to help relieve sore or tight muscles post-workout, this muscle freeze from Made By Mary’s maybe just the ticket for fast relief.

What you’ll like about it: The cooling sensation will be a welcome relief to runners or bikers who need to loosen tight muscles after a hard workout.

Something to consider: While great for active pain relief, this CBD cream is less versatile than other creams that we’ve listed here.

Papa & Barkley – Releaf Body Lotion

This body lotion from Papa & Barkley provides two of CBD’s best benefits in one delightful cream that can moisturize and hydrate skin while also aiding pain relief for muscle soreness. These dual purposes combine to make this body lotion surprisingly versatile and plenty potent, with 750 mg of CBD per 2.5 fl oz.

What you’ll like about it: Papa & Barkley’s use of mango seed oil gives this lotion a tropical and fresh feeling unique for CBD products.

Something to consider: Good for daily use or to calm minor irritation and aches and pains resulting from a trip to the gym.

Chantecaille – CBD Face and Body Cream (300 mg)

The packaging and name might make you think that this is the sort of high-end face and body cream that you can only find in a small boutique in Paris. However, this CBD face and body cream is an effective product for those looking to soothe sensitive or irritated skin—as it can be used all over the body as either a general lotion or a spot treatment.

What you’ll like about it: Simply apply a dab of this to any troubling red spots for soothing relief. This product is suitable for sensitive skin types as it is free of fragrances and phthalates.

Something to consider: This cream also works excellent when combatting occasional itchiness.

Haoma – CBD Recovery Night Cream

This night cream from HAOMA is the final step of their five-step skincare routine and is designed to help your skin recover from a hard day by using CBD’s natural restorative properties. And while it functions best as a part of that system, it can also be used on its own to positive effect.

What you’ll like about it: This night cream will speed you right off to a night of restful sleep, with the use of natural ingredients such as chamomile and lavender, providing a relaxing balance after even the most stressful of days.

Something to consider: The sizes are smaller (and more expensive) than many other CBD lotions listed above. However, there are both 1.6 oz and 0.85 oz varieties available.

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In short, any of the above creams and lotions can provide a wealth of benefits to various users. Whether you have dry hands from constant hand washing or joint pain from sports, discover what many already know, CBD lotion can be a lifesaver.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the above CBD creams. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for reading!