7 Days in Portugal: How to Plan Your Best Trip

7 Days in Portugal: How to Plan Your Best Trip

Portugal is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, but with good reason. The promise for exciting cities and beaches filled with food and wine has captured travelers’ attention across all borders – making it easy to see why Portugal would be an attractive destination on your next vacation!

Days 1-3 Porto

Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe and it has a lot to offer. The streets are narrow, but with breathtaking views that you can’t find anywhere else! It houses beautiful plazas and churches with colorful tiles on their facades. The historic heart has witnessed a Renaissance-like renewal over time that’s seen seaside suburbs filled up with world-class contemporary architecture & cuisine for your enjoyment!

7 Days in Portugal: How to Plan Your Best Trip

Explore Porto’s riverside quarter. It’s a fascinating labyrinth of narrow, winding streets, zigzagging alleyways, and low-slung, sun-starved arcades. Face the River Douro, though terraces of lofty townhouses painted in bright mustard and tangerine hues can be seen. The Ribeira is an adventure for those who enjoy color.

The Clérigos Tower is the most famous structure in Porto. It’s a 75-meter tall, 18th-century granite-hewn rocket that punctuates this modern metropolis skyline like a big needle and should be high on your list to do!

One of the more unusual things to do in Porto is the chance to climb the arches of the Arrábida Bridge. It is a chance to see something that’s not seen every day: incredible views of the wonderful city of Porto.

Sightseeing in Porto should include exploration of the city’s cathedral. Sé – is an impressive 12th-century landmark, which has the appearance of a fortress. The beautiful church of St. Francis also attracts everyone to dive into its 18th-century Baroque interior. Indeed, this is a priceless sightseeing experience.

Days 3-4 Faro

The fastest and most convenient way to get from one city to another is Portugal trains. Buying tickets is incredibly convenient online.

7 Days in Portugal: How to Plan Your Best Trip

Faro is the best-known city in Portugal’s deservedly famous Algarve region. This coastal location has given rise to some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery, making it a haven for travelers from all over the world!

Exploring Faro’s compact Old Town is one of the most popular things to do and an ideal way for travelers looking to get acquainted with Portugal’s Algarve capital. The Arco da Vila provides a suitably grand entrance. The 19th-century gateway is Moorish in origin and cobbled with its rows of orange trees. Pedestrian streets are blissful places to explore on foot. 

The Ria Formosa Natural Reserve is a haven for the natural beauty and wildlife of Portugal. This location has been called “the perfect ecological park,” with miles upon miles worth of lagoons, salt pans, beaches, and sea life!

The 18th-century Carmo Church landmarks the city center of Faro. The striking and much-photographed twin towers of this Baroque beauty have become for many locals not only a sightseeing prize but also an act symbolizing devotion as well.

7 Days in Portugal: How to Plan Your Best Trip

Sweltering days are worth spending on the beautiful island of Faro. This is the westernmost island of the Rio Formosa and the only one accessible by car.

Days 5-7 Lisbon

So, after taking advantage of the Faro to Lisbon train, prepare to immerse yourself in another charming city.

The city of Lisbon will charm you with its culture and history. The architecture, the people, the atmosphere are all welcomed in this beautiful capital city. It’s a colorful and vibrant destination.

One of Lisbon’s most iconic buildings, St. George’s Castle, commands a glorious position near Alfama on the crown of a hill overlooking the city.

To be in Portugal and bypass such a sight as Jerónimos monastery is simply impossible. It is one of the most internationally recognized landmarks that deserves to be awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Do you like to explore the underwater world? If so, The Lisbon Oceanarium is the place for you to explore. It’s one of Europe’s finest aquariums and one of the largest in the world. Children and adults alike can enjoy countless hours of fun at the most family-friendly attraction in Lisbon. 

The National Museum of Ancient Art is a great place for both art lovers and travelers looking for something unique. The museum houses the largest collection of Portuguese 15th-century paintings, making this building an awe-inspiring sight on any tour itinerary. 

Be sure to take a look and admire The Belém Tower, one of the most iconic symbols in all of Lisbon and Portugal as a symbol of Portugal’s extraordinary Age of Discovery during the 16th century. 

Maybe you like to spend time in silence, enjoying the graceful green blooms? In that case, Parque Eduardo VII is for you to delve into. It’s the largest city park, located in the heart of Lisbon, which offers a magnificent perspective of the lower part of the city and the Tagus River.