7 Places To Visit In Australia For A Luxurious Experience

Places To Visit In Australia For A Luxurious Experience

Australia is famous for its popular tourist destinations. If you’re all about luxurious experiences, it has a lot of places to visit. The diverse natural beauty of the land and vast array of spots to see will leave you in awe. The locations are the deal sealers for your luxurious stay. Choose first-class transportation and accommodation services and visit the most breathtaking scenery if you want to have it all. If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by what the country has to offer, here’s a summarized compilation of seven luxurious places that should top your bucket list the next time you’re planning a trip: 

1. Gold Coast

A luxurious visit shouldn’t be purely a sightseeing one. You can also pick a destination that lets you explore your talents. For instance, if you’re into sports, you can take advantage of the luxurious Gold Coast experience. It’s among Australia’s favourite sporting destinations. There are several beaches and fully furnished golf courses along the coastline.  

Especially for golf lovers, there’s a course for everyone. With over 100 top-ranked golf courses, you can be sure to have the best Gold coast golf experience. Some of the golf courses include: 

  • The Glades 
  • Sanctuary Cove – The pines 
  • Link Hope Island 
  • Lakelands 

You’ll undoubtedly enjoy their top-of-the-range facilities and mingle with renowned golf players from Australia and across the borders. 

2. Margaret River

This region has plenty of wine and features most of Australia’s gourmet escapes. If you love wine tasting, you’ll be thrilled by the prestigious wineries spread across the area. The region hosts 12 wineries, such as the famous Voyager Estate and Vasse Felix.  

On top of that, you’ll delight in your culinary tastes as renowned chefs are in the region’s restaurants. Their gourmet recipes are a force to reckon with as they allow you to taste some of the local produce from the area. Additionally, you can go on hiking sprees on the famous cape-to-cape track. The luxurious walk experience gives you a sneak peek into some of Margaret River’s best sights.  

3. Kimberly

If rugged landscapes spike your adventures, you must visit Kimberly. It adds to your experience by interacting with the wild, nature, and culture of the people around the place. Again, you don’t have to compromise on your stay. Kimberly hosts several high-end vocational lodges that give you a lifetime experience. Some of them are: 

  • El Questro Homestead 
  • Home Valley Station 
  • East Kimberely Berkeley River Lodge 

You’re guaranteed first-class services during your stay. Moreover, the East Kimberely Berkeley River Lodge can only be accessed by plane, adding to the lavishness of your trip. You can include a helicopter tour of the hidden waterfalls in your list of things to do while at Kimberely.  

4. Uluru

Everyone speaks highly of the giant red monolith in Uluru. Your visit to Australia can’t be complete without the luxury you get from this site. You can explore the rock in different ways. For instance, if you take a helicopter ride over Uluru, you’ll also be able to catch sight of the wildlife in the Kata Tjuta. Also, you can go by road to see all the outback views before stopping at the red dune. From here, you can take a camel ride to the rock.  

One of the luxurious accommodations you can get while visiting Uluru is the Longitude 131°. You can have a four-course meal under the stars while listening to fables from some of the indigenous storytellers from the region.  

5. Broome

If you want a lifetime experience in the wilderness, you should visit Western Australia. It borders the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean. Broome gives a tropical climate vibe from the Greek mangroves. The presence of sandy beaches and dunes makes it a beautiful place to relax and feel the heat. 

On the other hand, you can have exhilarating adventures by taking on a high-speed boat ride through the horizontal falls. Alternatively, you can fly over cape Leveque to the gorgeous Island of Buccaneer Archipelago.  

6. Barossa Valley

Wine and dine at one of the prime wine regions in the Barossa valley. This region is home to the oldest cellars. The experience you get from the wine tastings and learning the art of food, and wine matching could also improve your cooking skills once you get back home.  

You can complete your stay by getting accommodation from 5-star lodges like the Loise, Sequoia Lodge, and Mount Lofty. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best accommodation as this will crown your luxurious experience.  

7. Lord Howe, Island

Another great place to visit for your luxurious tour is the UNESCO-listed world heritage island. It’s a true home to the subtropical coral reefs, Kentia Palm, and the Banyan tree forest. The Island allows only 400 visitors at a time, making it the ultimate luxurious destination.  

It’s among the most toured by newlyweds, mainly because of the presence of Lovers Bay. The bay is at the foot of the Island’s twin mountains. 

Places To Visit In Australia For A Luxurious Experience


These are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the places you can visit for a luxurious experience in Australia. There’s all you could ask for from the thrill of these destinations. It’d be wise to work with tour travel agents since they have better knowledge of the land. This way, you visit most, if not all, of the places on your radar. Regarding accommodation, you’ll be spoilt for choice on the numerous luxurious hotels you can spend your night in. Culinary-wise, you have the best meals and drinks during your stay.

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