7 Reasons Why People Come to Counselling

Reasons Why People Come to Counselling

The hardest part about seeking counseling is realizing that you need the type of help that can only be offered by professionals. Many people struggle with the concept of opening up to strangers. Some people let their egos stop them from realizing that another person might be holding the answer to their troubles. The truth is that therapy is not about providing answers or simply sharing what you are going through with another person. Therapy is based on endless behavioral studies that paved a way for a deeper understanding of human nature and how to deal with it. If you are wondering about the reasons people often seek therapy, here are some of the most important ones.


People often resort to addiction as an escape from their reality. Even though people have linked addition only to drug abuse for so long, still it can present itself in so many ways, from computer games, food, smoking, gambling, sex, and alcohol. Addiction isn’t limited to substances; it extends to behaviors or hobbies that you once enjoyed and found solace in. Once an escape can easily turn to something that affects your life negatively. Losing control is a strong indication that you need to share your feelings with a professional who can help you find a way to escape from being a helpless hostage to your addiction. 

Group Therapy

Most people find it easier to stick to group therapy meetings or therapy appointments if the therapist isn’t too far away. Choosing an experienced therapist who can give you the level of understanding and support you need near you is an essential part of the treatment process. You may think it would be difficult, finding someone to talk to, but you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that these people are professionally trained. It’s their job to keep you at ease, find the issues troubling you, and help you through it. Counselling normally focuses on finding the root for your trouble to be able to find the right solution for you.


Due to hormonal imbalances, teenagers suffer from swinging between extreme emotions without a rock to anchor them. While adolescence is a shared experience between all humans, it still differs from one person to another. Without enough emotional and mental intelligence, many young adults suffer from feeling lost without a certain way to go. During this period, many personality disorders start revealing themselves such as borderline personality disorder, where patients become at a loss in identifying their true personality. Counseling in these cases can help greatly through sharing emotions and an unclear pattern of thoughts to be able to sort your feelings and thoughts. Therapists usually resort to dialectical behavior therapy that can help greatly with teenagers or personality disorders. 

Anger Management

Anger control issues are one of the main reasons many people seek therapy. The reason why people, who realize they need help, rush to get it is that this issue doesn’t only affect the patient but also the people around them. Uncontrollable anger, thoughts, and behaviors that negatively affect your life need to be quickly addressed to prevent this problem from growing.

A Fresh Perspective 

Whether you feel stuck in your way without a clear path to go on, or you would like to have another perspective to get rid of a tunnel vision that you have been held in for long, then therapy might be the best option for you. Many people who deal with circumstantial mental issues can find great help in just sharing their feelings with someone else. 


Anxiety with its various forms from general anxiety disorder to separation anxiety and so on is the true plague of our generation. Anxiety, sometimes, can be triggered by certain situations, and other times it’s not circumstantial and can’t be predicted. The latter is far harder to deal with than being able to specify a certain pattern of situations that trigger your anxiety. What people fail to understand is the difference between stress and anxiety.

Reasons Why People Come to Counselling

Panic Attacks 

Stress is normal and occurs regularly and almost daily in our stressful busy lives. It’s only a serious disorder when you fail to control the stress to the extent that it takes over your thoughts, emotions, and affects the overall quality of life. Such cases where anxiety has grown to affect you physically such as causing insomnia, sweaty palms, fast-beating heart, or even panic attacks need immediate attention from professionals to help you deal and overcome such emotions instead of causing health complications down the line.

The stigma around counseling is slowly being broken. However, some people still need to break the traditional image they have regarding counseling. It is not only talking, but there are also many treatment methods such as offering help though DBT and CBT. If you hit a rough patch in life, chances are counseling can offer some help and guidance on how to deal with confusing emotions and feelings of overwhelm.