7 Reasons Why Window Blinds Are Trending Over Curtains In Modern Homes

Reasons Why Window Blinds Are Trending Over Curtains In Modern Homes

Curtains will always have a place in many homes, but in today’s world, window blinds are becoming the window covering of choice for many Australians and people all around the world.

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the top reasons why window blinds are trending, and are preferred over more traditional curtains. Curtains are still cool, but blinds really give you more options.

#1 – Window Blinds Give You So Much Control Over Light and Breeze

The amount of control you have will be determined by the type of blinds you decide to buy and have installed, but something popular like Venetian blinds allows you to angle the slats as you desire, letting in as much light as you like.

Another great aspect about either horizontal or vertical blinds is that you can open the windows or sliding glass doors and angle the panels to direct the breeze where you want it to go.

This is something you can’t really achieve with curtains, and one of the biggest advantages to installing blinds instead.

#2 – Window Blinds Offer the Ultimate In Privacy

Once again, either vertical blinds or Venetian blinds also enable you to let in light and air without compromising your privacy inside the home. Just angle the slats so the light and breeze gets in, but people outside can’t see in.

You simply can’t do this with regular curtains, so this is yet another advantage that window blinds add to your house.

#3 – An Awesome Selection of Styles To Choose From

These days you can purchase windows blinds in many different styles, which include the following popular choices for the home or office:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Panel glides
  • Roman blinds
  • Window shutters
  • Roller blinds
  • Lumen blinds
  • Cellular blinds
  • Outdoors blinds
  • And more…

Not only are there some really great styles to select from, but many of these blinds come in a range of materials and fashion colours to suit everyone’s particular taste and home decor.

#4 – Blinds Designed To Reduce Outside Noise

Cellular blinds, often referred to as honeycomb blinds because of the small honeycomb shaped air pockets trapped within the material, are window blinds specifically designed to both reduce noise, as well as insulate your windows.

Many blinds styles come with the cellular option, and how they work is due to those tiny pockets of air. This helps to reduce outside noise, as well as keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

#5 – Choose Blinds To Block Out the Light

Just like you can buy what’s known as blackout curtains, it’s the same with window blinds as well. Whether it be Venetians, vertical blinds, Roman blinds, panel glide blinds, roller blinds and more, you’ll find blinds made from materials to purposely block out the light, making them perfect for bedrooms and home theatre rooms.

No more waking up hours too early in summer due to too much sunlight streaming into your bedroom, and no more dramas watching a movie in the daytime and having excessive light reflecting off the TV screen.

#6 – Blinds Look Very Modern and Stylish

Add a touch of style and modernity to your home’s interior with panel glides or Roman blinds. Or how about some remote controlled roller blinds, so you can chill out and open and close the blinds at the touch of a button?

Many curtains look fine in modern homes, but blinds can really add that extra touch of sophistication. And when you install something like panel glides, if you decide you want to change your colour scheme, all you have to do is change the panels, as the tracks for the blinds are already in place.

#7 – Professional Installation Ensures They Fit Perfectly

The best way to buy any type of window blinds is to deal with a professional blinds company. They measure up your windows and doors, make the blinds to order, then come into your home and install them for you.

This guarantees a perfect fit and saves you the stress of installing them yourself.