7 Reasons Why You Should Dig Up Your Family’s History

Reasons Why You Should Dig Up Your Family's History

Did you know that every year nearly half of internet users take advantage of the world wide web to find out more about their family history? Many of them managed to discover ancestors and relatives they had not known about, some even succeeded to unveil amazing stories able to rival the most captivating Hollywood movies.

Sooner or later everyone wants to wake up his or her inner genealogist to solve old mysteries or simply solidify a sense of family. Here are 7 reasons why you should dig up your family’s history.

You Get Connected

When you discover new relatives, you can speak to them about the important events of the past and how they affected the future of your family. With a little help from Lady Luck, you can even get into possession of old photos, letters, or journals that can help you understand what your ancestors were really like. The more you know about your background, the closer you feel to your older relatives.

You Know Where You Came From

We live in a multicultural society, hence chances are your parents taught you more than one language. Discovering your background in that said society is an amazing experience, you will be surprised to figure out all the lingua franca your ancestors spoke. Do you still enjoy the same traditions, celebrate the same holidays, and cook the same delicious specialties as did members of your family many years ago?

You Can Make Your Children Proud

Kids adore engaging stories, especially those connected to their parents, grandparents, or other people they know. No doubt, they will love to tap into the immersive plot that features their ancestors as main characters. They will be especially proud and excited to find out that one of their ancestors was a prominent person.

You Will Know Your Health History

People have to know all the diseases and conditions that appeared in their families, if anything, that is the first thing we are asked by a doctor. Perhaps not the most exciting topic, it is the most important reason to dig up your family history. You should know whether you have a higher risk of some genetically heritable disease, or which heart problems are common within your family. Better to be safe than sorry and discover a hidden health condition on time.

Because Today It Is Possible

People have always been interested in their family’s past generations, trying to trace their lineages and find as out as much as possible about all eventual relatives. But until recently, performing such in-depth research has been a very challenging task, all the more so, the ancestors of many Americans and Aussies came from different corners of the world. Traveling was not so easy as it is today, not many people knew foreign languages, hence lots of secrets are still waiting to be uncovered.

Reasons Why You Should Dig Up Your Family's History

Thanks to modern technologies with the internet in the first place, today you can easily get connected with your relatives scattered across the globe, even those you have never heard about before. The truth is, the great bulk of people do not have enough time to work on their genealogy and often run into a brick wall that comes in the form of one or more lines that seem to be at a complete dead end. 

Fortunately, nowadays everyone can seek help from professional genealogists able to solve even the most complex problems. As stated in this guide, the costs of hiring a certified pro may vary greatly depending on the competence of the researcher and the complexity of the task. Anyway, to minimize the costs, you can try to gather as much info yourself as you can using various free sources and speaking to your relatives.

You Encourage Compassion

According to numerous studies, children who are aware that their ancestors were immigrants tend to recognize the suffering of others, therefore they feel compassion towards kids who were forced to leave their own country or find themselves in dire situations.

You Will Become A Better Person

Reading a good story written by others helps us become more empathetic and pay greater attention to the feelings of people around us. But when this story is about someone you are related to, your emotions are much stronger. The more you know about your family history, the better person you are.

Nowadays a lot of people are sincerely interested in their family trees, claiming that this precious knowledge has made them feel wiser and more proud of who they are. Whatever your reasons are, digging up your family history is always worth a shot!