7 Super Road Trip Tips!

Cost-effective, adventurous and a whole lot of fun, road trips can be the best getaway when well-executed.

Rather than saving for flights, trekking to the airport to queue at check-in and again for the hassle of security, why not fill the car with petrol and everything you need for a few days of roaming the roads. Make the journey a central part of your holiday and you won’t waste any of your precious time off!

Navigating maps (even if they’re the Google kind) and finding your own way places can really feel like something of an achievement, and believe us when we say your escapades will no doubt  leave you with more than a few crowd-pleasing tales to tell.

Here are some of our top tips to make sure your road trip is the best it can be.


1. Know your route.

As much as you’d like it to be, not every road trip turns out like a Jack Kerouc novel. That said however, be prepared to veer off that track if you see signs that catch your attention. Australia has pretty much a “biggest” everything, from koala to guitar!


2. Make sure and get your vehicle serviced before you set off.

A flat tyre, or something equally debilitating, is the last thing you want on a lonely road in the sparsely populated Northern Territory. We’ve all seen Wolf Creek folks, and if you haven’t we’re sure you know the story.


3. Road trip games.

Don’t roll your eyes, you’ll thank us when you’re driving across the Nullarbor Plain looking at nothing but flat earth.


4. Consider your snacks carefully.

Odour-free is a must, so no tuna or strong cheeses unfortunately. Chocolate melts so it’s not exactly ideal. Fruit can be much more refreshing and obviously more nutritious than a family size bag of crisps so you’ll feel better when you reach your destination.


5. Work out a system for music.

Let one person be the DJ, or let each person play ten songs in a row non-stop. Song-skipping will only drive you all insane.


6. Bring some beers, but never drink and drive.

Some views will be so awe-inspiring that they demand the (safe) consumption of alcohol to enjoy the moment with your car-sharing pals. If it’s particularly spectacular, pitch a tent and settle in for the night.


7. Bring a dog.

Because they’re awesome.