7 Things You Must do After a Car Accident

Things You Must do After a Car Accident

Many people don’t think about things like being in a car accident on a daily basis. This is absolutely normal as no one expects it to happen to them once they get into a car. We do it every day and it’s always fine, so, why would it happen now? And even if it does, you probably believe that you would know what to do when it happens.

Even though you may have given some thought to this topic, the truth is that there’s always more to know. When it comes to car accidents, there is no list comprehensive enough to prepare you fully. These experiences are incredibly stressful by their nature. That is why thinking logically can be incredibly hard once a car accident happens. If you want to boost your chances of a quick and constructive resolvement of the situation, there are some things that can help.

All this is why, in this article, we have prepared a list of 7 things that you must do after a car accident. All the things that we’ll be talking about have their own importance and will affect the ultimate resolvement. Now that we have all the basics cover, let’s dissect what you need to do.

1. First things first – check if anyone is injured

Things happen incredibly fast when it comes to a road accident. The probability is high that you’ll only realize what is happening once the accident has already happened. Another thing to have in mind is that you might not realize that you’re injured at first. This is why it is essential that you check yourself for injuries first. It’s always recommended that you check yourself first, unless if you notice that someone has suffered from a serious injury. In that case, evaluate the situation, try to stay calm, and call an ambulance immediately. 

If nobody is seriously injured, it’s still a good idea to do a quick checkup. Try to make it as extensive as possible so that you know whether you should call the ambulance or not. The visit  to the doctor should without a doubt come after, but we’ll talk about that a bit later. 

2. Call your attorney – the earlier, the better

Now, it might seem weird to contact your attorney first, but, let’s talk about why it isn’t. You will call the police in a minute, but while you wait for them, your attorney will tell you what to do in the meantime. As Tad Thomas, an auto wreck lawyer specialized in this topic explains, working on your case must start immediately if you want to make sure that you’ll get reimbursed properly. The presence of a lawyer is very stabilizing in these uncertain situations. They are able to guide you through the process and explain to you what your best steps are. Every minute that passes from the accident counts, so, make sure that you use your time properly.

3. Call the police 

Even if we’re talking about minor accidents, involving the authorities can help you when it comes to getting reimbursed. It is especially important that you’ve called them if your case turns out to be a more complex one. So, call the police, and once they’ve arrived, they are going to ask you for a statement. This is why it might be a good idea to ask any witnesses to stay and give a statement as well. Make sure to do this until the police arrives. Once they’re there, make sure to explain the entire situation in as much detail and precision as possible.

4. Look for evidence and document it

Looking for evidence is a good thing to do while you wait for the police, as well as talking with witnesses. Make sure to take any relevant pictures that you find informative. This includes both the pictures of the cars, but the entire scene as well. The state of the roads, the weather, the car registration tables – all the things are important.

5. It would be best if you exchange the information 

Exchanging information with the second party involved in the accident isn’t a necessity, but it should still be done. Even if they don’t want their own insurance company to get involved, you should still try to ensure that you exchange at least the most relevant information. So, ask them for their name, as well as the address and their phone number. If they are willing to give the information regarding their insurance company, ask for information about that too.

6. Contact your insurance company

It would be best for you to call your insurance company not only the day at the accident – but while you’re still at the spot where the accident happened. Your insurance company will be able to give you more information on everything that you need to do in order to get reimbursed.

7. Go to the doctor

After you’ve done everything from this list up to this point, it’s time to leave the scene of the accident. It’s understandable that at this point, you only want to go home. This is especially true if you have no major injuries. The thing is though, even if that is the case – you should still pay your doctor a visit.

The main reason for this lies in the fact that a large number of accident-related injuries don’t result in immediate symptoms. So, even if you might feel okay now, you might encounter some delayed symptoms the day after. This is why it is important to start your treatment as early as possible. Not to mention that your doctor’s medical record is one of the most important documents when it comes to getting reimbursed for the accident!

Things You Must do After a Car Accident

In the end, one must be aware of how unpredictable car accidents are. Nobody likes to think about what would happen if they end up being in one. While that is indeed valid, a little goes a long way when it comes to doing research about these things. Better for you to be prepared and not be in a car accident than the contrary. 

After reading this article, you have learned about all the important things that you need to do after a car accident. Make sure to be vigilant when driving, always. Never drive when tired or intoxicated, it’s just not worth the risk. Always make sure that your eyes are on the road, nothing is worth your attention more than that when your driving. Be careful, and good luck!