7 Tips to Help Your Newly Adopted Dog Adjust to Your Home

Tips to Help Your Newly Adopted Dog

So you have decided to adopt a dog? Well, congratulations on welcoming a new member to the family! This must be a very exciting time for everyone involved. However, this transition is never easy. Like humans, dogs need some time to settle in a new environment. Thus, it is up to you to make it easier for your pet. If you have recently adopted a dog and want it to adapt to its new home, just check out these tips.

01. Let It Explore

The first thing you want to do is to let your new best friend explore its surroundings. Try not to hinder its movements in the first couple of days. However, you should also pet-proof your home before your dog’s arrival to ensure that nothing goes awry. Dogs can be curious, and this can lead to many accidents. So, cover all exposed wires, your washing machine, and your dryer, especially if you have adopted a puppy, as it is small enough to hide in tight corners. 

02. Give It a Safe Space

Some dogs may not want to socialize with their new owners for many reasons. This is especially the case if you adopt an older dog, as its old owners might have been abusive. Shelters can also be pretty chaotic, so your new buddy may not be accustomed to a quieter environment. According to pet behaviorists in this URL, you need to give your dog a breathing room by setting up space where it can sleep in peace without any disruptions. Moreover, you should alert everyone in the house not to interact with the dog when it is in this special space to avoid overwhelming it. Just be patient, and let your dog explore at its own pace.

03. Introduce Your Family

If you live with your family, you should introduce them to your dog as soon as it is comfortable enough to meet new people. However, be careful not to overwhelm it. Introduce each member of your family individually, and give them 15 minutes to play with their new pet. Avoid large gatherings because they can put dogs on edge. To make it more fun, you can take it for a walk around the neighborhood and let it meet your neighbors. Not only will this offer your dog some exercise, but it will also help put it at ease.

04. Set a Routine

Dogs are just like kids; they need a solid routine to go about their day. Thus, allocate time for meals, walks, and playtime. Consistency is key, though; do not change the schedule as long as it works. Also, try to help your dog realize that you will need to leave the house every day by leaving it in the house for 15 or 20 minutes. This will teach your dog that your departure is normal and help it stay calm when you actually leave for work.

05. Take Care of Digestion Problems

Unfortunately, your dog may experience some digestion issues in the first few days. Dietary changes are often to blame, and most of the time, there is nothing to worry about, as your dog will adjust to its new diet soon. However, if the problem does not disappear within a week, your dog may have specific dietary restrictions. So, check with your vet for more advice. They can recommend better brands and diet options.

Tips to Help Your Newly Adopted Dog

06. Do Not Overstimulate It

Understandably, you might just be too excited about your new friend, yet you should avoid overstimulating it. Do not force it to play with you for extended periods when it is not in the mood. Moreover, do not cuddle it forcefully because that can cause anxiety and make the situation even worse. The first week should be for maintaining its schedule and letting it explore its surroundings. Do not worry; you will have plenty of time to play with your dog later!

07. Prepare for Accidents

Not all dogs adapt to staying inside a house. So, expect quite a few accidents in the first couple of weeks. Your dog may decide to relieve itself on the carpet or knock down your expensive vase. It is important not to take it out on your dog; however, you also need to be stern to help the dog realize it has done something wrong. Also, be prepared for escape attempts if your dog has been living outdoors for some time.

Helping your dog adapt to its new home and family does not have to be daunting. By simply following these seven tips, your dog will feel at ease in no time. After it settles into its new home, don’t forget to take it for walks and play catch whenever you can to strengthen your friendship!