7 Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglary

Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglary

Living in a home that feels safe brings peace of mind. As an owner, think around all areas to enhance the security aspect. After investing in a property, it is necessary to protect every inch of it. Cases of thefts and burglaries can rob you of valuable assets which you strived to acquire. Learn about the different gaps robbers capitalize at a home and seal them off.

With time, new ideas are coming up on how to beef up security at the domestic level. Familiarize yourself with them as this brings more efficiency to the safety of your place. Try different ways and see what works best. Look for guidance from professional home improvement experts. Most know how to modify certain structures for ample security. People have various ways to increase the protection of their homes.

1. Install a Screen Door

In many parts of the world, screen doors are as much a part of the culture as Sunday grits. Screen doors in the summertime can prove a great way to get fresh air in without having to worry about people looking into your home, or your pets escaping. Security screen doors are a great addition, with this in mind. There are so many different types, simply go to the supplier’s website (your chosen supplier, that is) and see what products they offer. You can likely find doors that can be made according to the width and height of your door.

2. Buy a Safe

It is paramount to have a place to keep your valuables. There are documents that you need to protect highly as they are irreplaceable. Some of them such as the academic certificates at the high education levels are issued once thus safeguarding them is necessary. Invest in a safe for such credentials and other valuable items.

These storage equipment are hard to break as the materials are robust. Most of them offer protection against fires as well. Therefore, birth certificates, bank statements, passports among other paperwork get an ultimate secure place. Invest in the best brands in the market for more convenience. You may have your safe permanently fixed at a place of choice for more convenience.

3. CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are not thought of as a preventative measure, they are usually seen to be a solution after a crime has occurred, as far as convictions and catching offenders are concerned. However, a house with cameras is considerably less likely to be attacked by burglars and criminal gangs, simply by virtue of the high chance of being caught. CCTV cameras on a house are a great deterrent to crime, and if they do not work, then they can be used to help pitch a conviction against a criminal after they have been caught. In most apartment buildings and lofts, CCTV cameras are included on the buzzers and entrance consoles in your hallway – you will likely not be allowed to install CCTV in the shared corridor and communal areas.

4. Invest in Lighting

At night, burglars take advantage of the darkness to execute their missions. Having enough light at different points at the compound makes life hard for them. Modern lighting systems are energy-efficient such that you feel comfortable keeping them on till morning. They also come with beautiful features hence makes the outdoor space look spectacular.

Some of them are solar-powered which means you can comfortably use them without paying more power bills. Go for the top brands in the market. The LED lights for instance provide bright light which creates a proper ambiance to the place. Quality lighting systems are long-lasting. Consider having some landscaping lighting as well. They add to the outlook of the compound at night. Go for the choice with some shielding materials which make it hard to break the bulbs. Hire professional contractors who will access the whole landscape and identify the right points to do the fitting.

5. A Driveway Alarm

Regular alarm systems are suitable for a home. Having an advanced warning on who is coming to your place is even more advantageous. Surprise visits are common these days among families and friends. The security equipment gives you an opportunity of identifying your visitor even before the actual meeting. These systems can give signals over a range of 400-foot. It uses infrared motion detection technology.

You can decide to do the installation at any point you like. The entry route to the compound seems the most appropriate, however. It is advisable to avoid placing them at busy driveways such as the ones which are shared. This will avoid unnecessary alerts to cars or people not coming to your place.

6. Have Security Dogs

A dog offers good company at home. Being intelligent, people train them on certain things which make the companion even easy. There are heavy-energy dogs that can beef up your home’s security in a great way. Take good care of them through proper feeding and training. Organize training classes since this sharpens their intelligence even more.

A fierce dog is feared by everyone hence discouraging intruders to come to your place. The dog trainers understand the characteristics of different dog breeds. This makes them know which methods to undertake the training.

7. The Neighborhood

Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglary

It is a significant thing to create a good relationship with neighbors. At times cases of theft can be dealt with when people are together. Having more eyes watching over your property is critical. A neighborhood that is coordinative makes people act as each other’s keeper. When you go away for an extended period, this becomes more relevant.

Thefts and burglaries are undesired by anyone. They, however, happen unexpectedly. Homeowners must think of ways to enhance the security measures. There are numerous options on how to go about this. Combining the different security elements brings about better results. Invest in modern home security systems as well. Installations of door chimes and surveillance cameras can do wonders.