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    5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Melbourne

    Melbourne is usually on the bucket list of every traveller that jet sets to Australia and is ready to explore. Within the humble state of Victoria exists what has been voted the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne. It is therefore; very unsurprising that so many travellers are so eager to see for themselves. This is why Discovery Melbourne Hostel has been welcoming tourists from all walks of life for so long and Melbourne becomes the reason why they stay for so long.

    Here are 5 reasons why you’ll absolutely love Melbourne

    Fantastic Coffee

    Coffee just cannot escape this list! Never before has a city been so in love with coffee, this places really is the ultimate coffee culture. Because coffee is quite the social drink, this is also a fantastic way to meet new people and make friends!

    Amazing People

    There seems to be a certain faculty to living in Melbourne, where individuals can’t help but be cool and laid back. Nobody is in a rush to do anything which makes everyone incredibly friendly, approachable and always at any given moment ready to party.

    Everyone is Dressed the Part

    If such a competition exists I am sure Melbourne would score extremely high in the coolest city award. This city is a fashion mecka! What is more impressive is the fact that alternative thinking, creativity and alternative fashion is highly advocated amongst everyone, which again relates to Melbournians laid back and welcoming mentality.

    City Activities

    Given that those who live in Melbourne are always down for a boogie, always relaxing and chucking out peace signs, they have had plenty of time to create what has been voted the, most liveable city in the world. Be sure to check out Chapel street, St Kilda, Brunswick and the CBD to get the best of the clubs, bars and restaurants. They literally go on forever!! Furthermore, well within the reach of a weekends road trip are amazing attractions and beaches to visit.

    Great Music

    As people who live in Melbourne are in general quite alternative this also adds a little excitement around their music scenes. Every genre, style and sound is played within the streets of this incredible city. There is something so exciting knowing that every evening there is the chance to see something amazing!!

    It is little surprise once an individual has visited Melbourne that they are so eager to stay and whilst on a working holiday visor, or even just backpacking around, Discovery Melbourne is a perfect hub to explore from.

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