8 Unusual Ways to Find Artistic Inspiration

Unusual Ways to Find Artistic Inspiration

When inspiration is hard to come by, you would usually try to look for it everywhere. The problem is, they tend not to come the more you go searching for it. To find artistic inspiration that will help you continue with your work, you can try these unusual ways to help you get there.

1. Look Around

Your sources could be the people around you, the places surrounding your home, or the very room you are in. Look around and pick something that can help you get started like a book on your shelf or a pot of flowers in your garden.

2. Go Somewhere Unfamiliar

Go somewhere new and try to get lost as a way of getting into an adventure. It would help you get out of your comfort zone and be more attuned with your instincts and sense of wonder. Try to explore around and talk to other people whom you don’t know.

3. Look at Old Works

Your early works can help you realize your progress and ignite some ideas you must have forgotten in the past. Look at your old portfolio or read some of the things you have written in the past. Your raw emotions can trigger some creativity in you.

4. Make a Mess

Try new things by doing something messy. You could throw in random shapes and colors just for fun. Sketch randomly and do not mind doing it perfectly as long as you keep doing it. Take the pressure off you by creating something unintentionally. All it takes is a single combination of randomness to ignite something in you.

5. Through Gaming

Gaming is a great way to destress your mind and let go of stressful thoughts. As seen on 188spesial, an online gambling site based in Indonesia, gaming will also take you to a new world where you can explore different game graphics, which might help spark your creativity. They can as well reignite your passion because you get to practice strategies and decision-making skills to win.

6. Sleep

There is hardly anything that sleep won’t help, so sleep it off when you think inspiration is slow during the day. Get a nap and re-energize your whole body and mind.

7. Throw Things Out

Work in a clutter-free environment so you don’t get easily distracted with unnecessary things. Clean and organize as a way to refocus yourself.

8. Cook Something

Good food is good for the heart so try cooking your comfort food or look for a recipe you can follow for the first time. Enjoy your hearty meal and satisfy your cravings to start again. 

Unusual Ways to Find Artistic Inspiration

You don’t have to work so hard to get inspired. What you need is to look for a way to trigger your artistic side and wait for it to come. Take some load off your shoulders and let the inspiration come to you by being more open to new ideas. Explore and get out of your comfort zone. Give yourself a break once in a while and surround yourself with things that motivate you.