8 Ways Cannabis Can Boost Your Athletic Performance

Being an athlete is a blend of passion, dedication, and diligence. When you choose an athlete’s life, you not only choose the rewards that come along but all the risks that come with this type of life. Indeed, an athlete’s life is gratifying. It is exhilarating to be a part of sports that you love above many things in this world. However, injuries caused by sports or overtraining are also inevitable when you are an athlete.

Athletes push their bodies beyond their physical capacities to perform well in the field. Often, they undergo an intense work-out to enhance their stamina. Besides, many athletes leverage healthy diet practices to modify their bodies from the inside. Initially, all these practices pay well in the form of the desired physique. However, slowly this intense work-out and modified diet start taking a toll on an athlete’s body.

Common Problems Faced by Athletes

From physical injuries like broken tendons and pulled muscles to mind-related issues like anxiety and depression, every athlete has to sustain a range of difficulties in their life. Many of such problems are unique to the sports of your choice. Whereas, there are several common problems that you face regardless of what sports you play. The most common of these problems include:

  • Pain caused by overtraining
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Some athletes leverage mainstream medicines to deal with the outcomes of such problems. In contrast, some athletes give a chance to alternate different drugs or therapies out there. They prefer meditation, yoga, and herbal medicines to remedy their issues. Cannabis is one of such emerging alternate treatments favored by many for its medicinal benefits.

Cannabis and its amazing therapeutic effects can help athletes in dealing with several issues. Here are the eight ways cannabis can boost your athletic performance.

Ways Cannabis Can Boost Your Athletic Performance

1. Increasing Your Endurance

Long gone are the days when marijuana was associated with ‘lazy stoners.’ Many endurance athletes are using cannabis to intensify their work-outs. The human brain synthesizes endorphins that bring out the positive effects of the work-out on the body. But along with such opioid chemicals, the brain also releases endocannabinoids that act on different body receptors.

If you are thinking of using supplements like Cardarine Canada for your work-out session, you can also think of giving a chance to cannabis. Cannabis contains two molecules named cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They work on the same receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). THC produces the signature ‘high’ of cannabis. So, many athletes claim that using marijuana enhances the longevity of their runner’s high. Also, some athletes use cannabis for a grueling running regime.

2. Relieving Pain

Every athlete knows that there are no pains, no gain! However, many times this pain becomes unbearable and starts affecting your daily life. Scientific studies have well-established that cannabis alleviates pains. Injuries are an inseparable part of an athlete’s life. They can be a result of either work-out or playing on the field. Some fortunate athletes receive temporary acute pain from injuries. At the same time, some unfortunate athletes have to live with chronic pain caused by severe conditions.

CBD, a compound of cannabis, can interact with receptors of ECS. These interactions induce pain-relieving effects on the body. With reduced pain, you can regain your confidence in working out and performing well on the field. 

3. Reducing Inflammation

The pain-relieving actions of cannabis go hand-in-hand with its anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis is one of the most promising remedies for inflammation of muscles and joints. Living with inflammatory disorders can be challenging, especially when you are an athlete. It not only affects your daily work-out sessions but also dwells on your confidence.

Many people across the world use cannabis to reduce the pain caused by inflammatory disorders like arthritis. Cannabis is a very capable anti-inflammatory herb. So you can use cannabis to boost your athletic performance.

4. Treating Muscle Spasms

Taking good care of muscle is crucial for every athlete. You can improve your diet to get proper nutrition. However, occasional muscle spasms may damage your muscles. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from cannabis works on different receptors of ECS to reduce muscle spasms. Many patients with multiple sclerosis rely on cannabis to reduce the intensity and occurrence of constant muscle spasm.

5. Improving Sleep

Sleeping is another essential yet one of the most underestimated activities. It provides you with the necessary rest and repairs the damage your body endures during the day. Not just the amount but the quality of sleep also plays a crucial role in healing your body. Cannabis induces relaxing effects on nerves. Thus, it can help you to get that sound and dreamless sleep. After getting proper sleep, you feel more charged for your next sports performance.

6. May Improve Mental Acuity

Everyone encounters depression and anxiety at some point in life. As an athlete, you might experience these negative experiences more often. They not just affect your mental well-being but also hampers your focus, which is crucial for you. Studies have proven that cannabis reduces anxiety and helps to deal with depression. You can take cannabis to deal with a difficult situation. Besides, cannabis allows you to increase your focus, which improves your daily life.  

7. Relaxing Your Body and Mind

Calming the body and mind is essential for an athlete. Heavy work-outs and performance on the field take a toll on your body and mind. Consuming cannabis after them can help you relax. Moreover, cannabis has calming effects on nerves.

8. Faster Recovery

Sports life takes a massive toll on the body. You cannot give your best on-field with a damaged body and disturbed mind. Besides, an underlying health condition may worsen the situation for you. Taking cannabis can be an aid for you at such times, promoting healthy recovery from such conditions. Cannabis works with the body’s ECS to heal the body from inside. With a healthy body and a sharp mind, you can give your best performance on the field.

Ways Cannabis Can Boost Your Athletic Performance

Final Words

Significant research supports the therapeutic effects of cannabis on the human body. As an athlete, your body endures more than an average person. That is why leveraging miraculous benefits cannabis can be a healthy way of improving your body to boost your performance.