A Hobby for Any Australian Men – Model Railroading

A Hobby for Any Australian Men - Model Railroading

Model trains have been around for quite a while now. Our grandparents and great-grandparents used to have them.

Something that used to be a toy has become a collectible now. These miniature trains can win your heart in seconds and make you fall in love with them. Perhaps that’s why model railroading is the beloved hobby of hundreds of thousands. 

And if you are wondering what is so special about them and why people love them so much, this article has it all. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

What Is Model Railroading?

Building a miniature rail model with the given set is model railroading. It might sound simple and a kids’ game, but it is not. It requires engineering skills, carpentry skills, and basic electrical skills. Therefore, it is not boring whatsoever. 

The sizes of the models can vary and go from small to large enough to cover entire rooms. The material used to build these models is plywood. Furthermore, it has more to it than just rails. Yes, the set is a combination of all the requisites like:

  • Mountains
  • Plains
  • Tunnels
  • Valleys
  • Towns
  • Cities
  • Neon signs
  • Miniature people
  • Elaborate stores
  • Elevated railways
  • Realistic topography

They may be miniature, but the details, the true scale (you can use a scale converter to calculate it) and the craft make people go gaga over these sets. Ask your grandparents about it if they had it, and look at the love for this hobby in their eyes. 

The craze of the railroaders is such that they even paint the walls of the room to give it an illusion of a large endless scenery. Since everything is 3D, the model appears remarkable. 

Watching the train go through the highs and lows of the city you created with your own hands is beyond words. 

Is Model Railroading Still Practiced as a Hobby?

If you think it is nothing but a birthday toy for a child, you are probably wrong. Model railroading has surpassed all the age barriers and is shared as a shared hobby by people regardless of age or gender. 

Enthusiasts worldwide have chosen it as a common interest, and its popularity has only increased ever since. Furthermore, very few activities can bring together families and generations, and model railroading is one of them. 

This segment covers all the possible reasons behind its popularity. 

  • Model Trains Bring People Together: A model created 50 years back by a father is now taken care of by his son, and so on. This is what railroading does. It is a shared hobby between generations, and the love and enthusiasm don’t seem to stop. 
  • Family Time: In a world where everyone is busy with their work and personal lives, it is only a good fun activity that can make people sit together and spend some quality time with family. Model railroading allows families to do this while having some snacks. Moreover, what kind of grandkids would miss a chance to visit their grandparents if a cool rail model is waiting for them!
  • Anecdotes: Of all the reasons, this is the most amazing one. It is an activity that is the perfect blend of fun and learning. Children can learn the basics of commerce while playing with these model trains. Furthermore, anecdotes can be a means of learning too. Ask your grandparents about the importance of trains in earlier times, and listen to those amazing tales.

Model Railroading and Education

Model Railroading is one of the best educational activities out there. Most people love it for this reason, and you cannot disagree.

Be it the commerce stuff, basic carpentry, engineering, or electrical skills. Once you are done making the tracks, you have a whole lot of skills to flaunt. 

Young teenagers and kids can learn about the cause-effect system and how the train could go off the track, getting derailed if it is too fast around the curves. This can even teach them the basics of safety, directions, and driving. Because why not? 

Furthermore, people who love physics and geography tend to have model railroading as a hobby. 

Geography: Geography involves bringing together beautiful, 3D, realistic landscapes. These landscapes are not just models you can put there. Instead, they bring up challenges and require you to face them along the process. 

Physics: Physics involves some simple applications, which are super-interesting when they get practical. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • The upgrades should be decently steep as trains cannot climb too steep hills.
  • The curves should be curvy and not edgy like squares and triangles. They should be crafted mindfully. 
  • Trains should be sized according to the capacity of the engine. One engine is incapable of pulling a tremendously long train.
  • The downgrades should not be too steep; your train might go out of control and eventually derail. 

The enthusiasts learn all this about the model trains. Probably this is the reason behind MMR being such a popularly accepted hobby. 

Is Model Railroading a Hobby Only for Men? 

Model Railroading dates back to 200 years and has been around ever since. It might have been a men’s thing back then. However, in today’s world, a hobby is just a hobby, and genders cannot divide it. 

So, no, model railroading is not a hobby only for men. Instead, it can be anyone’s hobby regardless of their age or gender.

Take Elizabeth Allen, for example. Allen is acknowledged to be one of the finest model railroaders of all time. It requires planning, passion, and knowledge. 

Therefore, anyone anywhere could be a model railroading enthusiast or have it as a hobby no matter what gender they belong to. 

Wrap Up 

Model Railroading is the beloved activity of hundreds of thousands out there. Of course, it is not the most affordable activity, and not everyone can stand this luxury. But, that does not make it any less fun. 

People around the world love it and have cherished it as their hobby for years now. It requires passion and a spectrum of skills; you would ace the MMR game if you have them.