A Quick Guide to Amsteredam’s Nightlife

Amsterdam at night

When the night falls, Amsterdam comes alive. The city in the darkness becomes a magical place with high energy and endless adventures. The only problem is that the capital of the Netherlands has so much to offer it’s not easy to choose which places to visit on your vacation evenings. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our top Amsterdam nightlife activities to enjoy. Check them out and get ready for a truly fun night out when the sun goes down.

Jordaan District – Perfect for a Nighttime Walk

The Jordaan District is the trendiest in the city. With cool bars, fascinating art galleries, and stylish restaurants, there’s a lot to explore. It’s also pretty quiet when compared to the rest of the city. That makes the area perfect for an evening stroll. Check out the beautiful Westerkirk church and the picturesque Flower Canal. These Amsterdam attractions have a whole new feel to them when illuminated by nighttime city lights. And if you’re planning your trip in September, make sure to catch the famous Amsterdam festival at Jordaan with its mass singalongs and a spirited program.

2. Museums That are Open at Night

If you missed a tour to museums during the daytime, it’s no problem in Amsterdam. You can see fascinating exhibitions at museums at the Red Light District or make pictures with celebrity wax figures at Madame Tussaud’s. And on late Friday hours, you can drop by at the EYE Film Museum and the Van Gogh Museum. What could be a better way to start a fun night out than admiring some of the best artwork ever created?

3. Casino Entertainment in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its free spirit. There are coffeeshops where you can smoke cannabis, clubs where you can watch a strip show, and much more. So naturally, there’s also an excellent choice of casinos. If you’re a fan of online games, you’ll enjoy rolling some real slots in atmospheric casinos like the Holland Casino or the Casino City. Both of these places stay open late at night and offer a wide selection of games (from slots to Bingo to poker). Plus, they have excellent dining areas with cuisines from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. If you love gambling, check out some Amsterdam hotels near the casinos so you wouldn’t have to travel too far. 

4. Dance to Live Music

Both famous and up-and-coming bands regularly perform in Amsterdam’s numerous music venues. Paradiso, for example, is a concert hall worth visiting for its performances and unique ambiance. The place was built as a church with windows covered with beautiful stained glass. And let’s not forget about Amsterdam’s famous EDM scene. The Amsterdam Beach Festival in June, for example, brings together some of the best EDM DJs of the world to play tunes until the early hours of the morning.

5. Laser Tag!

Those who love the feeling of adrenaline rush should head down to Laser Tag at the Eendracht neighborhood. They’re open till late hours for thrilling laser tag battles with family and friends. The roomy arena can host up to 20 players so everyone in your group can join in. They’ll get a laser gun and a LED vest, and the gun battle begins. It’s just like playing paintball but without the nuisance of getting paint all over you.

cafe terrace


So these were our top places to visit in the evening hours in Amsterdam. There’s a lot to see in this magnificent city, and nighttime is when the real fun begins. Explore the city from a new perspective, dance to great music, visit a casino, admire the artwork at a museum, or play laser tag. In Amsterdam, you can do all of it. How can you resist?

What are some of your favorite evening time Amsterdam events? Share the most fun ones in the comments.

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