A Simple Guide to Introducing Wild Things in Your Sex Life

A Simple Guide to Introducing Wild Things in Your Sex Life

One issue with couples in a relationship where they are blissfully content and swirling with feelings of love is that complacency can set in. They might begin taking each other for granted. Just because one of them doesn’t feel in the mood for sex, they’ll assume their partner feels the same. Beware! If you don’t take the time to ensure your sex life maintains healthy levels of excitement, this could impact other areas of your life – even your mental wellbeing. But the solution is very straightforward. Always be thinking of ways to get a little wilder in the bedroom. Here’s your simple guide to maintaining those all-important sparks of passion!

1. Introduce some fetish

You might have gone online to seek advice about ways to inject some fiery passion into your sex life. You are likely to have come across a diverse range of suggestions, some more suitable than others. Outdoors sex? Swapping partners? These are all viable, but why not start with something you could easily do with a single, consenting partner? Explore the sometimes mysterious world of fetishism! For the uninitiated, this involves receiving sexual gratification from body parts or even objects not normally associated with sex. Why not join a dating site with fetish chat rooms, where you can learn all about the possibilities from members who are already keen exponents? The users on such sites usually welcome newcomers with open arms, allowing you to ask any questions you wish and take suggestions on board.

2. Experiment with crossdressing

Here’s another wonderful idea for getting a little crazy! Have you ever fantasized about what it would feel like to inhabit different characters when you are having sex? You could raid each other’s wardrobes and choose attire you’ve never thought of trying on before! Create scenarios where you enact fantasies as these alter-egos.

3. Domination and submission

You could even take this role-playing a stage further. One of you assumes the ‘dom’ position, issuing punishment for some perceived transgression. The other becomes the ‘sub,’ who is to receive corporal punishment. Using this basic tableau, you could incorporate sorts of kinky add-ons, such as masks, bondage, whipping posts, handcuffs, and much more. Again, check out the fetish chat rooms for pointers!

4. Don’t overdo with your fantasies

Much is it can be tremendously stimulating to introduce fantasies into your relationship, there can be a temptation to go overboard with suggestions. When you get deeper into BDSM and fetishism, you can sometimes get lost in the moment. It’s important to take the opportunity to ease the intensity down a little and take advantage of quieter moments. Instead of thinking of ways to enhance your relationship with more ‘out there’ options, you should consider spicing things up in ways that might be described as more ‘grounded’ or ‘traditional.’ Thing of whisking your partner off for a surprise getaway. A spot of Googling will introduce a diverse range of suggestions, everything from fabulous Australian music festivals to romantic weekend breaks to New York, London, Kyiv, or wherever. The world is your oyster!

Taking heed of these snippets of advice will do wonders for your sex life. And the even better news is that there are so many other options for you to consider – we have merely provided the tip of the iceberg. You might decide you’d like to try out a variety of fetishes, going for toe sucking or simply talking dirty about your fetishistic desires. Or you might even consider introducing a third party into your activities. It’s entirely up to you guys how wild you’d like to go!