A Visual Guide to Selecting Quality Marijuana

A Visual Guide to Selecting Quality Marijuana

Marijuana, or ‘weed’ as it is more commonly known, is a drug that comes from the Indian hemp plant. It has been used recreationally and spiritually for many thousands of years and is the most widely used drug throughout the entire world. Marijuana can have a lot of benefits for you, both on your mental and physical health, providing it is used moderately. When marijuana is abused, it can cause serious health complications. So remember to smoke [or ingest] marijuana in moderation, and never break the law to do so. Always have it on prescription or take it in places where it is legal for recreational use.

Selecting Quality Marijuana

Selecting quality marijuana is an integral part of its consumption. Improperly grown or lazily produced marijuana can actually be a detriment to your health. Selecting quality marijuana is essential. Before we move onto the main body of this article and discuss how you can visually discern good from bad, we will discuss sourcing marijuana. If you want to select only the best marijuana, then you must find it from responsible sources; because it is one of the most affordable ways to catch a buzz, people buy it from here there and everywhere. Only purchase your marijuana from reliable sources and avoid unscrupulous and illegal street dealers.


Poor- or low-quality marijuana will often come in brick, and its buds will be of a light, leafy, and wispy texture, and color. In poor-quality marijuana, you find the cannabinoid concentrations to be very low, whether it be due to environmental factors [heat, cold], or the plants being harvested when they were under-developed and not ready to be harvested. Some types of low-quality marijuana will be sprayed with sand or tiny pieces of glass that will coat the exterior of the marijuana and give it a shiny appearance – an appearance that most attributes to THC when in reality, it is artificial. This can be very dangerous and this is why it is best to avoid low-quality marijuana. Some, however, really prefer low-quality weed.

A Visual Guide to Selecting Quality Marijuana


Mid-quality marijuana can often be identified by its green hues and colorful pistils. Mid-quality marijuana can often have a purple tinge, a type of marijuana that has been named ‘Purple Haze’, after the Jimi Hendrix song, and it is sought all across the world, despite it only being of mid-quality. Mid-quality marijuana has reasonable flavor profiles and very sugary and THC-laden trichomes. In mid-quality marijuana you will scarcely find a single seed or stem, however, the buds themselves can also be subject to tampering, spraying, improper flushing, quick curing, or poor trimming.


Top-quality marijuana will have thick, sugary trichomes that are instantly identifiable as being genuine and high-quality. The buds will be coated in a sugary resin that contains cannabinoids and terpenes, which give the plant its powerful narcotic effects and flavor. Top-quality marijuana is always easily identifiable by sight and provides a diverse range of flavors. Top-quality weed can be very pricy, however, on the street and in dispensaries. The buds are usually dense and thick and crumble as soon as they are touched.

With the help of this page, you now know how to identify good-quality marijuana, and how to identify poor-quality marijuana. Identifying your marijuana is a very important part of smoking it. Only by identifying your marijuana can you determine what’s good and what’s not.