Aboriginal and Australian History With West Coast Cruiser Tours

Fern Pool, Western Australia
Fern Pool, Western Australia

Something unique to other countries that Australia treasures very much is the native history and culture of the Aboriginal people. Many tourists and travellers turn to tour companies like West Coast Cruiser Tours because they incorporate teachings around the Aboriginal natives and their way of living, which really offers a mesmerizing insight into the history of Australia.
Western Australia is a vast prehistoric landscape covered with one grand attraction after the other, with such a colourful history and culture there is more to the majestic scenery than meets the eye.
Here are some interesting facts to get you started before your travels.

Indigenous Language

Before the Europeans had arrived and settled, Western Australia was a native home to an array of Indigenous communities. There were roughly 66 Indigenous language groups within Western Australia alone.

Nyoongar People

The Nyoongar (also spelt Noongar) people are the original native owners of the South West Australia region. The Nyoongar tribe hunted kangaroos, possums and wallabies; they also fished, and gathered edible seeds and roots of plants. In the mildly cooler and wetter Perth winters, the Aboriginal people would clothe themselves in Kangaroo skin cloaks and build huts for tribes men and women to live in.

Indigenous Artefacts

There are stone tools that are estimated to be 35,000 years old which were found at the Djadjiling rock shelter inside of Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Many other artefacts and tools have been discovered throughout Western Australia such as ancient charcoal from campfires, jewellery such as necklaces, stone and bone tools, middens, as well as fish traps and quarries.

Explore the Indigenous Culture

With such an incredible history surrounding the aboriginal people, it is clear to see why tourists and backpacking travellers turn to West Coast Cruiser to find the best of both worlds; adventure and exploration entwined in culture.
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