Gay and Lesbian-Friendly Medical Clinics in Sydney

Gay and Lesbian-Friendly Medical Clinics in Sydney


Gay and Lesbian-Friendly Medical Clinics in Sydney

They say that health is wealth. Everyone, regardless of gender preference or social status, must be given the health care and services they need. Even if society is starting to accept the Lesbian & Gay community, some members of this group, especially the transgender, still get discriminated against. Here is a list of Lesbian & Gay-friendly health care providers in and around Sydney. Gay and Lesbian-Friendly Medical Clinics in Sydney.

Abbotsford Medical Practice

Located at Abbotsford, Sydney, Abbotsford Medical Practice is composed of General Practitioners and other allied health care professionals who are committed to providing outstanding health care solutions to everyone, irrespective of their gender or sexuality. Among the services, they provide include health care for adolescents, men, women and the elderly; occupational health; mental health; and preventive health.

Back Pain Solutions

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Sydney who is Lesbian and Gay-friendly, pay a visit to Back Pain Solutions. The clinic is situated at George St., right at the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District. They offer treatment for adults, pregnant women suffering from sciatica, and work- and sports-related injuries.


UClinic one of the Lesbian and Gay-friendly clinics in Sydney. Aside from the almost round-the-clock business hours, the clinic can also be commended on the variety of services they provide. They offer holistic therapies such as acupuncture. According to the Sydney Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Psychology, UClinic’s doctors are lesbian-friendly General Practitioners.

Holdsworth House

Another Lesbian & Gay-friendly dental clinic currently, their clinics can be traced to Sydney, Brisbane, and Byron Bay. Either you need preventative, restorative, cosmetic, or sleep dentistry, Holdsworth House is the place to go. They also have practitioners who are experts in allied health, dermatology, psychology, and medical practice.

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Taylor Square Private Clinic

Gay and Lesbian-Friendly Medical Clinics in Sydney. Taylor Square Private Clinic is said to be the first private practice in the country that specializes in Sexual Health Medicine. Aside from HIV testing, treatment, and prevention, the clinic is also dedicated to providing services to Lesbian and Gay communities for the health and medical care they need.