Adult Jobs in Rushcutter Bay Sydney

Adult Massage Jobs in Sydney Rushcutter Bay Adult Jobs in Rushcutter Bay Sydney

Adult Jobs in Rushcutter Bay Sydney

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Escort Services in Sydney

Talk to anyone in the retail field and they will tell you that customer service is critical to the success of any business enterprise. Escorting is no exception to this rule. If anything, it is even more crucial. When you receive a phone call, email, or instant message from a potential client, he may be willing to spend hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars for your time. Apply for Adult massage jobs in Sydney Rushcutter Bay.

For Most Escorts, the Telephone Is the Lifeblood of Their Businesses

You will depend on it to arrange almost every transaction you make. Even if you arrange most of your appointments online, there will come a day when your business requires regular access to a phone. If you advertise your phone number online or in print ads, be aware that you will receive phone calls 24 hours daily. This is particularly true for escorts living in cities. 

A Good Percentage of Late-night Callers Are Drunk or High

If you take calls from these clients, be aware of what you may be getting yourself into. Many of these potential clients are horny guys who struck out at the bars, but others may be looking to play mind games or may not have any intention of paying you for your time. Many escorts set a policy regarding how late at night they will answer the phone. Apply for Adult massage jobs in Sydney Rushcutter Bay.

Others Insist That Late-night Calls Are a Critical Part of Their Business

You may want to consider your geography when deciding how late to answer your phone. I live an hour outside New York City, so late-night visits to the city are impractical. Escorts who live in the heart of their city’s gay community may be better situated to tap into the late-night market. If you are going to attract and keep him as a client, you must provide courtesy and respect from the moment of first contact.

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Answering Email

Answering email is much like handling the phone, with a few significant differences. It takes hours or days to exchange information online instead of a several-minute phone call. You are also likely to receive emails from people who find it less convenient to arrange a meeting by phone. For example, many married men prefer email when contacting an escort. Apply for Adult massage jobs in Sydney Rushcutter Bay.

Write Your Emails Professionally

Always remember that email lacks the emotional and tonal qualities of voice conversations, making misunderstandings more open. If you are not a good typist or are new online, be extra careful to write back notes that are perfectly clear. Otherwise, you may write vague messages that are perfectly clear to you but confusing to the reader on the other end. 

Properly written, email should leave clients with a comfortable feeling about you rather than a sense of wariness and confusion. If you are not a good typist, you should always run a spell-checker and proofread every message before sending it. It is worth noting that email has at least one advantage over the phone: it leaves a record of everything that was said. This is ideal for escorts who wish to keep notes on their clients. 

At the Touch of a Button, Entire Conversations Can Be Printed or Saved to Disk for Later Retrieval

While there is no doubt that these files can come in handy, they also open up possible complications later if anyone ever obtains access to them. Accordingly, you may want to keep as few records as possible and delete emails after they have been read. Apply for Adult massage jobs in Sydney Rushcutter Bay.

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