Escort Jobs for Sydney Women

Sydney Escort Jobs for Women

Escort Jobs for Sydney Women

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Bodyline Erotic Massage Jobs Melbourne +61 420 462 922
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I knew I loved escorting half an hour after I shot my first load with a client. That was when he put the cash in my hand: one hundred dollars in the form of five crisp twenties. The feeling was like magic. I had actually been paid for sex. Me! The bookworm who had bad acne in high school. The kid with few friends and even less self-esteem had actually been paid for sex. My escorting experience was beyond anything I ever thought possible. Apply for Sydney Escort Jobs for Women.

My first experience in an Escort jobs Sydney Women

Erotic Massage jobs in Sydney North Sydney Surry Hills
I look forward to spending time with you. Opportunities for last minute bookings are rare, Please book in advance to secure your once in a lifetime experience with me. Please call or text to make a booking.

I remember not finding him particularly attractive. He was overweight and was greasy-looking. I did think I was in love with him, so I returned to his bed five more times before he dumped me. I cannot help but wonder if I would be an escort today if I had never met him. Our relationship taught me you did not have to be attracted to your partner to have sex. Apply for Sydney Escort Jobs for Women.

How I went into escorting as female sex professional.

Two years later, I graduated with my master’s degree only to discover I couldn’t find a job. I started having anonymous sex in book stores to cheer myself up, but only briefly. Someone put the idea in my head that I should try escorting as a part-time job, so I went online and gave it a try. To my surprise, my whole life suddenly clicked into place. I loved my new hobby (I didn’t think of it as a career yet) and was amazed at the amount of money I could earn.

Escort Jobs in Sydney Wentworth Point
“As delicate as a flower on that lovely gown you’re wearing.” He gave a wink. He motioned her to be daring while folding a twenty. She just lifted her skirt up on her left hip and shared her lacey white panties, whimpering at her sudden desire to do it. She trembled violently in response to his flirtatious move.

Refer escort guide

If you have ever opened up your local community’s escort guide, you have probably seen the listings for escorts in the back. The guides in most major cities feature dozens of advertisements for escorts ranging from girlish and slender types to super-sexy models. You may have looked at these ads and thought you could do as well as the best of them. Or you may have wondered how you could compete against someone with twice as much physical definition as yourself.

Sydney Escort Jobs for Women: A woman who can Clients Desire

Fortunately for all of us, the diversity of client tastes makes many personal traits irrelevant when considering your ability to escort. The fact that some clients desire one type of person balances out that other clients have a preference for another. The vast number of clients that have no preference at all makes these characteristics even less important. Circumcision is a perfect example of this. There is so much Escort work in Sydney.

The physical appearance of your race and ethnicity is not a factor either

Many clients do not consider a person’s race when selecting an escort. Body type, age, and any of a dozen other traits are far more significant to these clients. Additionally, there are many men who are specifically attracted to members of one ethnic group or another. No matter what your background is, there will always be clients who have a preference for your race and ethnicity. Escort Employment in Sydney is abundant.

Your style

How dominant or submissive you are can also be incorporated into your work, as there are plenty of clients who prefer each style. You will be able to find clients who are a good match for you as long as you explain your preference in advance. That is true for almost any characteristic when it comes to escorting.

Obviously, you do not have to fit a strict mold to be a successful escort

Female escorts are as diverse as men’s sexual tastes. Having said that, there are still a number of traits that most escorts have in common. You do not need to have all of them to escort on occasion, but you will need most to do this for a living.

There is clearly a beauty standard in our society favoring youth

It is not critical to be young, but looking like you are under 35 is a definite advantage. Fortunately for those of you who are outside of this range, taking good care of yourself in other ways can keep you competitive well into your late thirties, and in some cases into your forties or longer. Apply for Escort work in Sydney CBD.

Having a good body, an attractive face is extremely useful for the aspiring female escort

Precisely what is attractive will depend on the look you are going for and will also be determined by your clients. No two people have exactly the same taste, after all. As long as you have at least an average face, you should do fine as an escort. Keep in mind that what is attractive for one type of escort may be unsuitable for others.

Escorts must be willing to have sex with a wide variety of clients

Virtually all of these are men; women hire escorts on only the rarest occasions. Some of these men are attractive, but many others are not. This includes men who are unattractive because of age, weight, appearance, hygiene, and more. Being willing to perform sexually with all types of clients is part of what makes an escort rise to the top. Apply for Sydney Escort Jobs for Women.

Married men are the main clientele the need a girls friend experience

Your willingness to have sex with men who are married or have lovers is similarly important. Married men make up a high percentage of an escort’s clients, and it would be virtually impossible to run a business without them. If your ethics find this behavior reprehensible, then escorting may not be for you.

To succeed as an escort, one must be willing to provide a variety of sexual services

Deep kissing, cuddling, and giving and receiving oral sex are critical. Being able to both bottom (receive) and top (give) during anal sex is important as well. It is possible to succeed as an escort as just a top or a bottom, but it will limit your number of clients. Apply for Brothel Jobs in Sydney.

Overwhelming reasons

The reason is that clients overwhelmingly want someone who will affirm their appreciation for having sex, intimacy, and companionship. It is impossible for a straight male escort to be completely comfortable providing these services.

Living in or near a major city like Sydney is extremely useful for the aspiring escort

It is not impossible to escort in rural areas, but it will severely limit your business. Access to populated areas is one of the keys to being successful in this industry. Approach massage parlors who offer Erotic Massage work in Sydney. You will also have the opportunity, if you wish, to experience a wide variety of sexual fetishes, such as bondage, group sex, foot worship, and much more.

Use technology to be seen

Access to technology has revolutionized the prostitution industry by making it easier than ever for clients and escorts to connect. You can still run a successful business using traditional print advertisements, but the use of online advertising can attract large amounts of new business. The more access you have to computer technologies, the stronger your business will be.

 You will be having a great deal of sex as an escort you better enjoy it.

You will have many great sexual experiences and will frequently learn new techniques and skills from your partners. Sometimes attractive men will hire you. Even those clients who do not excite you may surprise you with their sexual energy. As your erotic skills increase, so will your ability to apply them to your personal life. Apply for Sydney Escort Jobs for Women.

Loving Money helps

Skilled escorts earn a great deal of money. Whether you are escorting part-time or as a career, the money will almost certainly be greater than any other comparable job you could have. You will constantly have large amounts of cash that will allow you to live a higher standard of living than you are accustomed to, or at the very least will allow you to get out of debt or pay for college.

Gifts are great to have always say thank you and be grateful.

Some of your clients will buy you gifts. In my own work, clients have presented me with clothing, jewelry, sex toys, bottles of wine, gourmet food, investment advice, and books. I have heard of clients who have offered escorts everything from free dentistry to inside stock tips. You never know what you may receive. Apply for Adult massage Jobs in Sydney.

Interesting People

You will meet many interesting people as an escort. I have heard clients talk about everything from repairing pipe organs to selling cookware to piloting a Boeing 747 airplane. Many of the clients you will meet will be pleasant and enjoyable people as well. Sometimes you will even “click” personally, creating a friendship that will last long after they cease hiring you.

Opportunities develop when you are successful as an escort.

Escorting is considered exciting and trendy among certain circles. People who previously ignored you will suddenly start hitting on you. You will constantly have people wanting to ask you about your work and will never be short of stories to tell at parties. Apply for Sydney Escort Jobs for Women.

You never know what may happen during your escort career

Some escorts find true love through their work, either in a client or another escort. Other escorts are sometimes offered great jobs outside the industry from their contacts and leave escorting to follow their dreams. A Lot of urgent Escort jobs in Sydney.

Self-esteem develops as you become popular

Many people find escorting to be an empowering experience. If you have doubts about your attractiveness, they will quickly vanish as people pay thousands of dollars for your time. Running your own business is an exciting prospect, and watching it grow can be as rewarding as advancing in any traditional career.

Flexibility is the key

Unless you work for an agency or brothel, you will act as your own boss. You have full control over your hours and can even cancel appointments if you do not feel like working. Career escorts can sleep late, work full time as an escort, and still be able to pursue their own hobbies and interests.

Travel offers are common

As you develop your clientele, a few of your clients may start to invite you with them as they travel. In the past four years, clients have flown me to Las Vegas, Toronto, Amsterdam, Acapulco, and more than a dozen other cities around the world. Other escorts I know have been to even more exotic locations such as France, Norway, and Russia.  Apply for Escort Jobs in Sydney Women.

Modeling Options

Someone may approach you with an offer to appear in adult magazines and videos. Although doing so is not for everyone, you may find it stimulating and a great way to gain publicity and to expand your business.

Clients hire brothel escorts by coming to a central location where the escorts are located

This type of escort is those who work for escort agencies, the modern-day equivalent of a “pimp.” Like a brothel, an agency has a number of escorts working for it. In this case, escorts are sent out to meet a client elsewhere, rather than entertaining on the premises. There is some overlap between brothels and agencies, but in general, the two are very different businesses.

Precisely what information an ad contains

In general, an ad contains a rough physical description of the escort along with his phone number or e-mail address. Ads may also contain descriptive words about what services he provides, such as “top,” “oral,” “affectionate,” “master,” or “muscle worship.” Abbreviations like FF (fistfucking), WS (watersports), and SM (sadomasochism) are also common, particularly among those escorts offering fetish services.


Regardless of the type of ad an escort runs, once it is published he will start receiving inquiries from clients. These are usually requests for additional information, although sometimes the client will immediately set-up an appointment. The typical escort will receive at least five inquiries for everyone that actually turns into a client. Apply for Escort work in Sydney.

Sydney Escort Jobs for Women: When and where to meet the client

Once it has been established that the client wants to arrange an appointment, the next step is to determine when and where to meet, and for how long. The client will usually take the initiative in this area, often suggesting an “outcall,” which is a visit outside of the escort’s residence. An outcall is typically in the client’s home or a hotel room. Sometimes the client will be unable to suggest a meeting place, in which case the escort should be ready to suggest a location.

Meeting the client

Once the escort has met the new client, they will typically spend several minutes talking and getting to know each other. As the client and escort become more familiar, they will begin fooling around and having sex. When the sex is over they cuddle and talk for a while, clean themselves off, get dressed, take care of the money issue, and say goodbye.

A successful booking and repeat Appointments

If the escort successfully met his client’s needs during the meeting, he may have a new addition to his regular clientele. Repeat appointments are similar to new ones, except the sex usually begins faster. The meetings themselves tend to be more relaxed since the escort and client are comfortable with each other.

After an appointment, the escort completes the encounter by updating whatever records

He also fills out any financial books that he uses for his business. He then returns to waiting for his next inquiry, and the cycle continues. Periodically, the escort should review the effectiveness of his advertisements, either adding, deleting or changing them based on how well they have performed.

Escort agency do the work

The business of an escort agency employee is similar to that of an independent escort but is considerably easier. Unlike the independent escort who is expected to find potential clients and handle client inquiries, escorts who work for agencies have much less work to do. The agencies coordinate and pay for advertising, as well as handle client inquiries through a central office. Escort Employment in Sydney is open now for applications. Apply for Sydney Escort Jobs for Women.

A typical agency escort has set shifts

Precisely how these shifts are assigned varies, but in general, the escort is expected to be on call at certain times. During his shift, he is free to go wherever he would like, as long as he is reachable by phone or pager. When the central office has an appointment for him, he will be contacted and told where to meet his client.

Sydney Escort Jobs for Women: Escorts working with an agency

Once the escort arrives at the assigned appointment, he usually calls the agency to check-in. At that time, the “meter” begins running. The escort then puts the client at ease and has sex within the pre-allotted time. At the end of the session, the escort calls the agency to let them know he has finished. The agency tallies the total bill, and the escort collects the fee. Frequently he will find that the agency already has another appointment set for him.

Once their time is up, the client pays the escort

In either case, once the client indicates his intent to hire one of the ladies, the escort takes the client into a bedroom where the two can talk and have sex in private. The escort then prepares the room for the next visitor, pays the management its share of the fee, and returns to the main room to await his next client. Look for Escort work in Sydney CBD.

Brothels can offer escort services

Brothels frequently double as escort agencies, in which case the escort may be sent out to meet his client elsewhere. In this case, his work is conducted exactly like an employee of an escort agency.  Whether you realize it or not, escorts routinely provide a number of additional services to their clients. These are based on needs that clients often do not realize they even have.

Escort jobs Sydney Women

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