Adventure Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2019

Adventure Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2019

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the men in your life can be a challenge. Do you get them a wallet? A fancy tie? A cool pair of sneakers? Maybe, a wristwatch? Christmas gifts are meant to be memorable and extra special. While a tie and wallet are gifts that your husband, brother, father, or son will certainly appreciate, it’s time to do something different.      

Men love adventure. The thrill of skydiving, swimming with sea life, or a daredevil auto race are some of the coolest escapades to try. As a bunch of reckless thrill-seekers that men can be, these unique gifts will definitely win their hearts.  


1. Scuba-Diving with Sharks


Swimming with sharks might not be your idea of an every-day adventure, but it’s certainly worth trying. Your man might just have it on his secret bucket list. This holiday season, instead of throwing a dinner party, ask him to accompany you on a deep dive into the ocean. 

Exploring the stunning marine life and the mysterious tranquillity of the ocean is an irreplaceable experience. Scuba-diving with sharks is a spectacular gift and one to remember – your man is surely going to love it!

2. Australian Fishing Trip

One of the most Aussie things you can ever do is to go sea fishing or on a bush fishing trip. Australia has some of the most epic fish in the world and attracts sports fisherman and newbie’s from all over the world. If you’re buying an Australian fishing experience for a friend, why not throw is some kit like a new fishing backpack, rod or swiss army knife?


3. Tandem Sky-Diving


Everyone should go skydiving at least once in their lives. The adrenaline rush that hits as you freefall in the air is an out-of-this-world experience. There’s no reason why any man would want to miss out on the opportunity. Do him a favour and pay for his skydiving trip. 

In Tandem skydiving, a professional is going to be there with him to guide him through the entire freefall. This will help him ease into the sky-diving experience as he gets to face his fears. 


4. Super Car Racing


Most men seem to be extremely passionate about their cars. They pamper and look after them like their own. While gifting him a car may be outrageous, you can certainly surprise him with a ticket to a car racing field. This Christmas, surprise the men in your life with an extraordinary gift from this range of Christmas gift ideas for men.

A finely polished, sleek racing car is sure to take his breath away. Offering the ultimate thrill of racing against other professionals, this Christmas gift is one he’ll never forget. 


5. A Hot Air Balloon


You may not have wings to fly, but sitting in a hot-air balloon is just as good, or even better. Accompany him on a stunning hot-air-balloon ride as you both explore the city’s skyline. Both of you will love the safe and peaceful journey and enjoy the gorgeous sunrise or sunset. You can also snap photos and relive this moment again! 

As a Christmas gift, this trip will also help him overcome his fear of heights, and he will admire you even more. The freedom and adventure on a balloon journey are unlike any other. 


6. Outdoor Shooting Range


An outdoor shooting range offers a grand, spacious field with shooting sessions as long as 90 minutes. Shotgun shooting is an oddly satisfying and electrifying activity. The rush of taking aim at a target, sharpening one’s gaze, and pulling off the trigger is unbeatable.

For this holiday season, take him out to a shooting range. It doesn’t matter if he gets to hit the target or not, the experience of holding a gun and aiming is nothing short of euphoric.   

So, that’s it – the ultimate list of the coolest adventurous gifts for your man. Make his Christmas extra-special by driving him to a racing competition, swimming in the ocean with him, or simply flying in a hot air balloon. These gifts will make him thank his lucky stars for having you!