Adventure Sports in And Near Melbourne Australia

Adventure Sports in And Near Melbourne Australia

Do you love adventure and also like to flirt with danger and thrill?  Do you happen to be in and around Melbourne?  If so try the following games for an exciting date with adventure, thrill and danger, all in one!

Skydive Melbourne 

Gear up for that adrenaline-pumping experience when you fall off from a height of 14000 metres!  Freefall for 60 seconds at a speed of 200 km per hour as you plummet down to meet the earth!  Float over Port Phillip Bay for five to seven minutes as you stabilize yourself and prepare for your descent to the earth.  You will never ever forget how it felt as long as you live!


Just 30 minutes away from the CBD is located the Sniper’s Den, featuring 5 paintball fields that contain various terrains, obstacles and layouts bringing out the cyber games to reality.  Play the combat- inspired Courage under Fire, the 50 Piece Sup Air Tournament Field (the largest of its kind in Victoria), Heaven & Hell, Tactical Ops and Prison Break along with your friends. Aim, splatter your friends with paint and win the battle.


If tight spaces & dark crevices, muddy caves and glow worms are your kind of adventure, try caving.  Crawl, slide, slither, climb, jump and have fun as you go on a three-hour journey through a labyrinth of dark underground caves!

Rap Jumping

Run down the edge of a seven-storey building ‘spiderman style’ in a headlong dash. Rap jumping involves freestyle ropework and forward abseiling.  A team of adventurers with long years of experience will take care of you by drilling you with safety procedures and donning you in a helmet and a harness. If your heart can take it, you are allowed to go several times!

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