Adventure Sports in Melbourne Australia

Adventure Sports in Melbourne Australia

A city for the wild and the adventurous, Melbourne has a long line of exciting sports that will get that adrenaline pumping in you. If adventure is what you are seeking- be it on land or in water, Melbourne will not disappoint.

Wind Surfing

Melbourne is renowned around the globe as one of the best spots for wind surfing. Considered one of the most adventurous water sports out there, wind surfing affords plenty of fun yet is challenging all the same. A significant amount of skill is demanded by this sport and if you know what you are doing on the waves you would love what the waters of Melbourne have in store. In fact ardent wind surfer’s from around the globe flock to the shores of this nation to experience wind surfing Aussie style.

Sky Diving

Conquer your fears and master the art of sky diving with Skydive Melbourne taking you down a height of 14,000 meters. It’s the ultimate conquer your fears experience and although the thrill may be the highlight, the experience also showcases some of the most heavenly views of Melbourne. The free falling lasts for around 60 seconds but you will be plummeting at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour. If you are curious to try what this feels like, head over to Skydive Melbourne which is located at Marine Parade, St.Kilda, Victoria.


As the name has it caving is all about finding your way around tight spaces and dark crevices. Here the Melbourne Adventure Hub will take you through a labyrinth of narrow underground caves where you will have to slide, crawl and climb to get your way out. Best part is the cavern is full of overhanging glow worms which adds a touch of magic to ones adventurous experience. 

Paintball Melbourne

A fun team activity, paintball is a must do if you are visiting the CBD with friends. Snipers Den has 5 paintball fields and features a wide variety when it comes to terrains, layouts and obstacles.

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