Adventure Travelling In Europe: Top 5 Places To Visit

Adventure Travelling In Europe

Tired of a typical European trip? Looking for something exciting? No problem, we got you! If you are seeking something daring and thrilling, check out our list for top 5 places to visit if you wish to have an adventurous holiday! 

1. Iceland

Iceland is one of the best places to visit if you wish to get that sinful adrenaline hype and experience something you could twist into a fairytale afterwards! Apart from being a good place for relaxation in nature, Iceland uses its natural attractions to lure tourists who look for something other than sightseeing. This includes hiking, fishing, camping, road tripping and some other things, for example, snorkeling. If you are into that, you could visit Silfra Fissure, a raft formed in the divergent tectonic boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates. You will experience crystal-clear visibility when you dive, and the amazing thing is that you can visit it all year round, as it never freezes! You can also scuba-dive here! Definitely make sure to consider Iceland when you are planning your trip.

Adventure Travelling In Europe

2. Italy

It might surprise you, but Italy is known for more than just stunning architecture and rich historical grounds. It is also a great place for some sporty activities. For instance, if you enjoy trekking, Italy has many options. You could choose the high routes of the Dolomites, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers several lengths to choose from – from 36 km to 180 km long – that really depends on your determination. All through your hike you will be able to enjoy the magnificent sights of the mountains and the stunning greenery. You can also choose the level – from medium to difficult. This particular trek is not usually recommended for beginners, but if you have some experience, this place is for you! 

3. Hungary

Are you a car-fanatic? Or a Formula One fan? If that is the case, then visiting Hungary is for you. Hungaroring is a motorsport racetrack near Budapest, where the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix is held. If you ever wanted to get a taste of what this riveting race is like, Hungaroring offers you a bus-tour ride through the laps, where the champions of this race have claimed their glory. You can also visit the areas behind the pits, to see where the previous winners have hung out, and also, you will learn the history behind the race itself. 

Adventure Travelling In Europe

4. Austria

For the ultimate, adventurous tour, we suggest choosing Austria, in particular Vienna. If you enjoy water sports and overall exciting activities, you can definitely visit the capital city of Austria for some kayaking. There are many wondrous and thrilling routes to choose from, especially the ones that go through the Danube river, the second-longest river in Europe. It actually flows through the city so you will be able to enjoy not only the menacing waters, but the stunning city views as well. There are also roads designed in a way that you will be able to stop at various sites to do some sightseeing. It is a win-win, so make sure to put Austria, Vienna to your itinerary!

Also, if our suggestions seem enjoyable enough and you decide to follow them, check out the train from Budapest to Vienna to ensure a safe, quick and comfortable trip! 

5. Germany 

Wrapped up in rich stories and history, Germany is also a good destination if you enjoy outdoor activities. Interested in something thrilling and ominous? Check out the intriguing Black Forest route! This is a 200 km long stretch through the forested hills in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. You are able to hike, mountain-bike, canoe or paddle through here – it is all up to your preferences. Gorgeous and dark landscapes, silence and tranquility – those are the things that will welcome you if you choose this venture. It is a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, so definitely check it out! 

Try to rest plenty before your trip – you will definitely need it. Dive into the wondrous parts of Europe and remember – the most exciting trips make the most glorious stories! Time to get up and show the world what you’ve got!

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