AFLReplayMillions of men roared in frustration last fortnight when the AFL Grand Final had to be replayed, destroying plans for weddings, birthdays and other events you’d want to avoid, but can’t.

While we can’t feel sorry for any soon-to-be grooms, it’s just not in BBM’s nature, we do feel sorry for Jason and Kylie Smith. You see, dear reader, the couple had clearly organised the conception of their child to fall a week after the AFL Grand Final – just incase their beloved Magpies made it to the big game.

Imagine their horror – their horror we say! – when the Grand Final had to be replayed on the due date of their daughter.

Luckily, Kylie went into labour as coach Mick Malthouse was getting his medal after the game.

In a cute (or pathetic, depending on how you look at it) twist, the baby girl (pictured) was nicknamed ‘Maggie’ in tribute of the winning Magpies.

We personally would’ve preferred if they stole the name of Collingwood star Steele Sidebottom, but it’s not our baby to name – we hope!