Aggro Santos – More of a Saint than a Sinner


AggroSantosBBM Live catches up with 21-year-old Yuri Santos, better known as Aggro Santos, the UK’s hottest new artist, who’s already tearing up the scene with his mix of hip-hop, rap, dance and latin beats. First hitting the airwaves with single ‘Candy’ featuring Kimberly Wyatt of the Pussy Cat Dolls, Santos has just released follow up single ‘Saint or Sinner’. Having attempted to drum at the age of 2, teaching himself guitar at 9, writing his first rap at 15, and later becoming a sensation, firstly on Channel U and later on MTV Base, not to mention also selling thousands of his mix tapes, Santos has certainly been plugging away at his success for a while, so let’s find out how it’s all been treating him…

So what are you up to at the moment?

As I’m doing this interview I am sat in the back of my tour managers
car… I have literally been out and about promoting gigging and
recording 6-7 days a week for the last 3 months but I am at the same
time grateful for it as I am achieving my goals.

We love the new single Saint or Sinner, what were your musical
influences behind this?

The new single ‘Saint or Sinner’ was influenced by the old school 90’s
sounds. I wanted something that could relate to the older generation,
but at the same time appeal to my teenage fan base, so I tried to hit it
bang in the middle. And the feedback so far has been so good! The
lyrical content plays on whether the guy wants a good girl or a bad
girl and weighs out the pros and cons.

What can we expect from your debut album?

My Album will be the soundtrack to your summer, vibrant, energetic,
very commercial with a few latin twists!

Do you think featuring Kimberly Wyatt on your debut single
‘Candy’ helped to get you recognition and what was it like working
with her – how did that all come about?

I think it definitely helped raise the awareness of ‘Aggro Santos’ but
it was the song that got us both recognised. It became an absolute
total club anthem. I had actually written the song a few months before
I met Kim and she loved it when I played it to her. I later asked her
to feature and she was down! I’m also glad Kimberly is now shining as a
solo artist ‘cause not a lot of PCD fans knew what she could do solo.

Have you worked with anyone particularly interesting on the new album?

I have done a few collabs, [but] didn’t want to over do it. Esmee Denters features on a song called ‘Do You Believe’ she is a great singer.

We’ve heard that you play guitar and drums as well, can we expect to
see you rocking out Jimi Hendrix style any time soon?

Ha ha, yeah definitely, if not in concert definitely on some back stage footage!

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

I really like Lady Gaga, Swedish House Mafia, and Tinie Tempah at the moment.

You’ve been touring a lot around the UK, do you have any plans
to go abroad?

I have already been all over the European holiday resorts this
summer… I am so chuffed that people know me and love my music out
there.. I did not expect it!

Being a Londoner what and where is your idea of a good night out?

I used to enjoy going anywhere with a good DJ and a nice vibe, but
now being a chart topping pop star if I ever go out (which is rare) I
like some of the higher class Mayfair clubs as you can have a good
time and not be troubled too much.

What do you like to get up to when you’re not performing or in the studio?

I love to spend time with family and read books, I love to educate my
brain when I have spare time.

Being originally from Sao Paulo, do you ever go back to visit, and do
you feel this has shaped your musical influences?

I have only been to visit 3 times but now I can afford to do it more
so I will definitely be back and forth, I have a lot of family out
there. Brazil is my musical influence, from a young age I have been
fascinated by the pulse of samba rhythms and would often recreate them
myself! I then started playing bossa nova and classical guitar which
lead me onto what I do now!

With so many new comers on the scene, how do you make sure you
stand out from the rest of the crowd?

I never try to be too cool, I’m myself. I like to have a good time
and display that in my music. It just so happens that a lot of people
younger and older can relate to where I’m coming from.

What’s been the highlight of your music career so far?

Selling a quarter of a million singles on my first debut release was
pretty amazing! I’m still waiting for my plaque.

How does it feel after having worked so hard to finally be getting
such great recognition and tons of airplay?

I never get complacent, it feels fantastic to be all over the TV and
radio but I’m always aware that I need to do it again! I love to stay

What’s your favourite tune at the moment?

Swedish House Maffia, it is absolutely tearing up the resorts

Who’s been the biggest support to you through your rise to fame?

My mother, she has stuck beside me even when she thought I shouldn’t
put all my eggs in one basket. She is so proud it’s working out.

Can you tell us a random fact about yourself that is entirely not
to do with your music career?

I have an extremely short concentration span, anyone who knows me will agree.

What’s next for you after promoting your debut album?

Gigging, touring and just trying to make sure all the singles are
hits. I’m certainly happy with the material!


BBM staff highly reccomend you check out the you tube video for Saint or Sinner