Al Murray Interview

al murray the pub landlord

Al Murray and his alias, The Pub Landlord, may seem one and the same, but here, we speak to the British comedian about the few similarities between him and his famous character, who you can catch live on stage in Australia this October for One Man, One Guvnor. Get ready for lots of laughs, plenty of banter and bucket loads of beer!
Hi Al, how are you?
Great, thanks. How you doing?
Very well! How have you been spending your British summer?
Watching the Ashes! It’s taken up a fair bit of my time; I’ve been pretending to write, sitting at a desk with the Ashes on in front of me.
How have you been celebrating?
By jumping up and down in disbelief! It’s the weirdest thing that we’ve actually managed to do it, although it may be the home advantage thing in test cricket. It’s not 5-0 though, that’s the problem!
You’ve been The Pub Landlord for 20 years, how many pints do you think you’ve drunk in that time?
No one’s asked me that before! Let’s say 250 shows a year, four pints a show, 1000 a year, so… 20,000 pints?
That’s pretty good!
It is, isn’t it? When you put it like that!
This October, you’ll be performing in the Sydney Opera House; how will you be transforming such an iconic stage into your classic pub environment?
I think we’re gonna have a bar shipped out – I can’t remember what we decided to do about that. Generally, I’ll do what I normally do and spill beer all over it!

How much are you like The Pub Landlord?
Oh, not at all. We’re nothing like each other – we go to the same bar, but that’s about it! We like the sound of our own voices and we always like to be right, and we like to be the centre of attention, but otherwise we’re not at all like each other.
What are the benefits of playing a character?
It’s a really great way of talking about things you want to talk about, without having to address them directly, which is a really good thing. You can discuss something and never reveal what you quite think about it, and talk around it and see where you end up. You have license.
What’s the strangest thing that’s happened during your stand-up?
Oh, god! A couple at the front of my show got up 20 minutes in, left a gig and then he came back on his own. They’d broken up as a result of watching my show. He said, “she didn’t think it was funny and didn’t understand why I’d brought her to see this…” So he stuck her on the Tube and then came back to the show.
What will you be looking to get up to while in Australia?
We’re on a really tight schedule so I think the best thing we’ll do is eat some great food and schlep from Melbourne to Sydney to Perth to Brisbane.

Do you enjoy travelling?
Yeah, I love it. I love touring. The thing of being in the clinch of an audience is a really fantastic thing when a show goes well. There’s nothing better, really. Every show is different, and because I do the first half an hour improv, it’s guaranteed.
Where’s the most amazing place that your stand-up has taken you?
I’ve been to the Falkland Islands, I’ve been to Hong Kong Sevens, and I’ve been to Los Angeles… All over the world – I suppose I should say the Sydney Opera House!
Do all audiences take The Pub Landlord the same way?
Yeah, so it would seem – they’ve all been laughing!
Where do you like to go on holiday?
I’ve just been to America, I really like going to America on holiday. I think it’s really good fun and I love the States because it’s absurd and over the top and then you get to come home and things are normal again.
What’s next for you? Are there any new TV shows on the horizon?
There are things on the horizon, yes! I can’t tell you what they are, though!

Al Murray One Man, One Guvnor Australian Tour Dates

Friday 16th October – The Forum, Melbourne
19th – 21st October – Just For Laughs at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Friday 23rd October – The Tivoli, Brisbane
Monday 26th October – Astor Theatre, Perth