Album Review: Juliette Commagere – ‘Human’

With her new album ‘Human,’ Juliette Commagere seems to be one to watch as she rises into recognition. The LA-born talented multi-instrumentalist, has performed with the likes of Emmy The Great, but with the new release, she comes into her own with an innovative voice and something touchingly original to say.

‘Human’ is a magical carpet ride of Pop, synth and rich emotion. It’s a record to turn up loud as you close your eyes and drift along with its lyrical journey. With her tasteful, diverse and eclectic approach, Commagere likens to the style of Kate Bush.
Opener ‘Returning’ is delicate and intimate. Soothing vocals welcome the listener in, along with a loop of sugary guitar.

Previously released single ‘Big Star’ demonstrates Commagere’s cool, bewitching and sweet vocals. The track expresses sentiment and passion as its leading single. It is decorated with striking synth chords, adding to its dreamy effect. “We’re riding a big star, flying high in the dark! We won’t come down…” the songstress spells, painting a fantasised happy mood.

‘Collide’ has a smooth but funky dancey feel with its use of warbling electronics. The vocals spook as Commagere sings with an edge of tantalization. An eerie reoccurring whistle adds to the haunting mood. The lyrics paint an encapsulating gothic image, “Oh the city she loves me, all of her sunshine is free, and when I die I’ll lay down, yes for me the weeds will grow out,” through the artist’s almost robotic intimidating vocals. The accompanying video to ‘Collide’ has seen Juliette Commagere work with Matthew Robinson, the director of the likes of The Invention Of Lying. The video’s striking and strange story is well worth watching, (Indian head dress and knee high boots – that’s all we’re saying.)

‘Human,’ is fittingly titled, as like every expressive being, it exudes a world of varying feelings. From the heights of happiness on the album, to the sweet and sorrowful, or the dark and mysterious, Juliette Commagere proves herself as passionate and capable artist.

Human is available for purchase and download on 7th April 2014 on Aeronaut Records.