5 Alternative Things To Do In Split, Croatia

Alternative Things To Do In Split

It seems like everywhere you look, someone, you know has been to or is going to Croatia. What’s not to love about this Medatarian country? With crystal clear waters, everlasting sunlight and all night long wild parties, it quickly become a Millenials & Influencers wet dream. 

Get off the tourist trail with 5 alternatives things to do during your time in Split, Croatia.

One of the cities that is a must-visit is the hub city of Split on the Dalmatian coast. Whether you are in town for a night before you Sail Croatia or are spending a few days in this historic city before heading to a music festival, this has lots more to offer than just a transit town…

Below we have listed some of the things we recommend you do for your time during Split that won’t be found on Lonely Planet.

Try the Best Cocktail in Split at Black Dog Craft Bar

Craft Beer may be in the name but Black Dog holds by far the best specialty cocktails in the town, if not the country. From mouth-watering Espresso Martinis to their famous Ultimate gin. 

This Irish Bar centered in the middle of the city combines an authentic blend of old school design and social atmosphere with the modern stylings of quality craft beer & exceptional mixed drinks! 

With nightly music and DJs, friendly staff, Black Dog is just all in all just a cool place. Whether you are looking for a morning coffee or somewhere to spend your night. Black Dog is a must-visit during your time in Split!




Go Cliff Jumping in Marijan 

Minutes out of the city center is the stunning Marijan Park. You will see hundreds of tourists walking to the viewpoint but if you carry on away from the hustle and bustle you will find a beach called Kashuni beach, the perfect area to cliff jump into the clear blue Adriatic Sea.


Experience the ‘real’ Local Art Scene

As you stroll through the city you will be inundated with different tourist shops selling different art pieces and souvenirs. All very average, at a ridiculously high price and a lot of the time not even Croatian art.

Split Nomad was created to showcase the emerging talent of artists in Croatia. With extremely reasonable prices you can pick up stunning photographs of local Split culture, tote bags|t-shirts or unique graphics.

Keep your eyes out for one of these pop-ups at https://www.facebook.com/splitnomadgallery/


Check out Splits Alternative to Berghain

The moment you step on the Riva you will here about one bar crawl or another that will go on that night. If you are like us and drinking a bottle of vodka and sleeping on the street, we have an alternative for you. Run by the local students Koka is a nightclub that represents the ‘real’ underground all-night techno parties, Scar music nights to Live bands. With an area of over 1300 square meters, the club has its own independent library, a gallery and even a bedroom if you get tired from partying.


Find the Best View in Split 

Split is a beautiful city it’s as simple as that and has sundowns to die for. If you are looking for that next level Instagram shot this is for you. Barely known but in the center of town above a shopping center. Cafe Bar Colors is the perfect place to see the magic of Split for sundown.


Think views matching the bar in London next to St Paul’s. Without the people and 15 euro drinks…

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