Amazing Adventures to Take With Your Dog: Hiking and Backpacking

Amazing Adventures to Take With Your Dog

It would be more correct to call this article: “What breed of dog is the best for traveling and hiking.” But it may seem incomprehensible to someone, why even take a dog on a hike, and even a separate breed. But everything will become clear after, if you read the next paragraph.

Among hiking tourists, both seasoned and hikers with little experience, there are constant discussions on the topic of group and solo hikes.

Walking alone (or, as it is fashionable to say – solo tracking) is associated with a large list of risks, rather than overcoming distances and obstacles in a large fun company. Seasoned tourists always discourage young people from solo adventures. 

Anyone understands that when a small group of the same homo sapiens spend a long time in isolation, sooner or later social tension arises between its members, restrained, at times, only by the fear of criminal punishment. From here follows one huge advantage of solo trips – independence. The decisions of where and with what speed to go, what food to take and where to stop is made by a lone tourist on his own (that’s why he is a loner).

A Logical Decision

What to choose: risk and loneliness or noisy company and constant compromises. And here comes the third option, which will allow you not to die of boredom on quiet evenings on the route and make your trip safer – go on a hike with a dog. And this is a logical decision.

The dog has been accompanying a person for more than 33,000 years (according to the latest archaeological finds), sharing his hardships. A dog on a hike is a friend who, of course, will not bandage your wound, but will never leave you alone with trouble. In addition, it is a universal signaling system at night, which easily turns into a heating pad.

Which Breed is Best for Traveling

Next, we will consider several breeds that are most suitable for accompanying a person on travel.

There are breeds of dogs that even need daily physical activity, and traveling with their beloved owner will only be a joy and health plus. A man, by the method of selection, created breeds that were distinguished by certain physical, external data, mental abilities and innate skills for specific tasks of his life. These skills are transmitted by representatives of a particular species. But with metis always in this respect, as a game of “roulette”.

Therefore, we will consider some breeds, as already mentioned, the most suitable for a company on a trip.


Today, the leading breed among travelers is the Husky. It would seem that this is natural. Husks were brought out in order to pull sledges with a load and a musher in addition. Although, to a greater extent, the widespread distribution of the husky is just a tribute to fashion. But the breed has “pitfalls”. If you are not a born dog handler, your hike can turn into a catastrophe. Precisely because these dogs are created to overcome the distance in a team.


We turn to the favorite of the childhood of our fathers and grandfathers – the German shepherd. This is a universal dog, which is confirmed by its years of service in power structures, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc. And among fans of outdoor activities, she is also respected. It is well suited for a solo tourist.

The shepherd can carry part of his hiking diet on his back in special pouches, which you can easily purchase or try to make with your own hands. The dog of bicycle traveler Artur Ohanyan didn’t need it either – everything was transported in a trailer on a bicycle. Sometimes the dog itself.


Among the deservedly popular breeds, which are often taken on hikes, and even alloys, are Labradors. They are balanced, energetic, large enough to carry their own load (with food, for example). They, by the way, have a unique wool, from which water easily comes off, which is also important in hiking conditions. They are great companions and family friends.

Originally bred as a hunting bird, for feeding birds out of the water. They, like the listed shepherd dogs, are more difficult and more expensive to transport in public transport due to their size.

Border Collie

Let’s move on to medium breeds. The most intelligent among breed dogs today is the Border Collie.

Initially, she was taken out as an assistant to the farmer in the corral of nimble sheep in the stable, as well as to guard the herd. Today this funny and energetic dog has become an excellent companion for city dwellers as well.

Braque du Bourbonnais

The Braque du Bourbonnais is an elegant, short-haired, muscular medium-sized dog. Temperament Braque du Bourbonnais dog is a calm, affectionate family friend. On the hunt, they are full of passion, careful, balanced, accommodating and intelligent. They have excellent adaptation to a wide variety of landscapes.

This energetic dog is able to train easily and quickly. They are people-oriented and are not very happy when isolated from their family. They need human leadership. Owners must be firm, confident and follow some rules.

Mittel Schnauzer

A smart companion and guard – a mittel schnauzer. It is originally a service dog. Balanced character. A wonderful companion for a traveler who will guard him. Of course, like any other dog, in order to avoid adventures with an unpleasant ending, it must pass the OKD course.

By the way, this breed lends itself very well to training, despite the fact that they are still those sly ones. They have a special charm. Well, it’s just impossible not to fall in love with their luxurious beard.

Bottom Line

Of course, owners of other breeds can confidently say that their pet is the best traveler. The author does not dare to dispute this. But all the same, as it was already said, before choosing a companion on four legs, think about its breed qualities and the physical capabilities necessary for travel.