Amazing Australia Adventure Tours Rock To Rock Offer

Amazing Australia Adventure Tours Rock To Rock Offer

Taking on the Australian Outback challenge used to involve sweating out the 460 km drive from Alice, but luckily that’s a thing of the past. Or feel free to tackle the epic journey to Alice but, we think the team at Adventure Tours Australia have more appealing offers for you.

After last year seeing national airlines flying straight to Ayer’s Rock Airport, Adventure Tours decided to design a trip that matched this fantastic opportunity. Now, you can grab your mates and enjoy the trip even more with the 20% OFF discount on selected Red Centre trips. Check out which you can save money on below.

Two Night Rock To Rock Explorer

With Adventure Tours Australia, the ‘Two Night Rock-To-Rock’ Explorer’ trip takes you on a journey from Uluru to King’s Canyon. Just in case you had missed anything on the way, the trip takes you back to Uluru. You will witness some of the most unforgettable experiences such as an amazing sun set over Uluru.

Amazing Australia Adventure Tours Rock To Rock Offer

Two Night Rock To Rock Safari

A Watarrka National Park to King’s Canyon travel in the afternoon from the Ayer’s Rock Resort on Day One gives you stunning views of the vibrant red dunes and variety of awesome scenery throughout the centre of Australia. A bright and early start to Day Two brings the rim walk of King’s Canyon. Admire the cliff top views along North and South Walls surrounding the sandstone domes of the Lost City. On the final day of the tour you are taken on an unguided walk of the Rock, which allows you to fully understand the Mala people and the land.

Visit to check out the full list of SIX Red Centre Trips that you can get the 20% discount on.

The savings don’t end just there! You can enjoy a cheeky 10% OFF a range of trips in the rest of the country. All you have to do is book by 20 April 2015.

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