Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification: Career Game-Changer?

Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification: Career Game-Changer?

As many organizations continue to transfer their services and applications to the cloud, the value of cloud computing skills is there for everyone to see. Amazon Web Services play a key role in the current cloud services job market. And there could be no better time to become an AWS certified IT specialist than now. Today, we focus on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam that’s intended for individuals who occupy solutions architect roles in the modern IT landscape. Ready to walk with us as we break down the key test details? Then, you should have already known that practice test questions provide one of the shortest routes to exam success, even at the first attempt. But first, let’s highlight what the AWS training entails. 

What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, are the globe’s most trusted and widely adopted cloud platform. AWS offers as many as 175 services including database, storage, compute, and content delivery among other functionalities that enable businesses to scale up and grow. In recent years, AWS has outshined its biggest competitors, making Amazon one of the biggest names in the modern cloud computing environment. Unsurprisingly, completing your AWS training makes a lot more sense today than ever before. 

Which Are Top AWS Certifications?

Amazon now offers badges and learning paths to not only verify the candidate’s technical knowledge but also prepare them for new roles in the industry. These credentials are broadly categorized into 4 levels depending on the job role and the technology area they focus on. They include the following:

Let’s now switch to the popular associate-level badge, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification which takes a center stage in our post.

What Is AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Badge?

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate credential enables learners to grow by validating their real-world mastery of technical concepts related to cloud computing. This badge befits specialists with at least one year of experience in providing dependable solutions to an organization’s business needs. In addition, these specialists must demonstrate a strong ability to manage applications in the AWS platform that will ultimately give scalable and cost-effective solutions. 

How Should You Study for Your AWS Exam?

Amazon advises that candidates should jumpstart their training by gaining basic hands-on skills that will help them ace their tests without hassle. This includes online training courses that are aimed at evaluating the objectives covered in the assessment. What’s more, be sure to check out the official study guide and mock tests that will help you acquire important knowledge of exam topics. 

What’s Role of AWS Accredited Solutions Architect?

In many organizations, solutions architects are well-regarded specialists with the right technical acumen and business knowledge. They take pride in designing services and applications for organizations. To have a proper strategic direction, a solutions architect may work closely with an enterprise architect for the success of a project. The technical decisions these individuals make have a critical business outcome, making them one of the highly-sought-after specialists in the modern-day IT world. 

Bottom Line

To sum it up, the IT industry is insanely competitive and the earlier you align your skills with the modern trends, the easier it becomes for you to fast-track your professional growth. As you aim for greener pastures in 2020, pay keen attention to cloud computing through the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate credential because it is a definite career game-changer. But before you embark on your training journey, just be sure to have the right study materials in place including valid practice test questions to help evaluate your technical knowledge.