An Introduction to the Best Road Trips in Australia

Best Road Trips in Australia

If you are a lover of amazing road trips, then you will enjoy traveling by road in Australia. The country has many beautiful cities that sit on the coast and the country provides lovely roads to get you from one to another. In between there are beautiful things to see and places to stop.

If you have a history of taking these types of trips, then Australia is definitely the right place to add to this history. Let’s say for example, you took a yacht charter. You chartered a yacht on the Mediterranean for a great vacation, toured several coastal countries along the Mediterranean. You finally decided to drive from Nice to Barcelona, Italy. This fantastic drive would have taken you through the coastal cities of Cannes, Saint Tropez, Marseille, Montpelier, and Mataro before finally having you enter Barcelona. As wonderful as the memories are that were created on this road trip, you can expect similar on a trip around Australia. Here are some rad trips to consider through the country.

Sydney Driving North to Brisbane

Starting in Australia’s most popular vacation destination is only fitting. Sydney is also arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the country with its Opera House being an iconic image as it sits in the harbor. Heading north to Brisbane, this trip will take three to five days depending on the pace you take and how many stops you make along the way. Our suggestion is you take your time, because there is so much to see. Motoring up the coast from New South Wales to Queensland is a feast for the eyes, filled with gorgeous scenery nearly every kilometer you drive. There are ample spots to stop for simply observing the views, and small cities and towns like Port Macquarie, Hunter Valley and of course Byron Bay offer both great accommodations.

Broome Driving South to Perth

Do not think that only one part of Australia has beautiful driving routes, the western coast of Australia is just as beautiful as the other areas as witnessed by this beautiful and fun-filled drive from Perth to Broome. It will take you five days, but each will be filled with lots to see and explore. Highlights of this trip include unique ocean views and a variety of colors and formations of the sands, rocks, and desert that you will encounter along the way. The places you should aim to spend time along your western driving route is the Cape Range National Park, and the Pinnacles which offers a stargazing tour that begins at sunset.

There are also other great road trips that you can take around the country including Melbourne north to Adelaide and if you are up for a very long trip, try Darwin to Brisbane. This seven day trip gets you to see some of Australia’s beautiful reefs and some of its wildest parts. Whichever route you take however, you will be rewarded with a great adventure.