Analog Synths Still Play An Important Role In Live and Recorded Music

Analog Synths Still Play An Important Role In Live

For the past twenty years, there has been a constant debate in the music world when it comes down to digital versus analog. Both sides of the debate have cult followings refusing to bend or change their mind. It truly is an elitist battle. 

This debate has spared no instruments and even has carried over to synths. It is important to note that both analog and digital have their distinct advantages and at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. Analog synths are still alive and well and are important in live and recorded music. Here are a few reasons why you might want to dust that analog synth off and get it working again.

Allows To Dial In Your Sound Right on the Instrument

One of the massive benefits to having an analog synth is that you have all the tools right in front of you to get the right sound. With a digital synth, it is often meant to be connected to a computer using MIDI, and from there getting the right software. 

It can be tedious to have to learn how to use the software just to get a sound you like. The experts at DailyAnalog talk about how with just an hour or two of working with an analog synth, you can create the exact sounds you have been wanting, no software, no nothing. It is also refreshing to know that everything is accessible with the turn of a knob. If you want a hands-on physical approach to your instrument, then the analog synth is right for you.

Analog Instruments Cut Through the Mix Better

When it comes to live performances, the more instruments you have, the muddier the sound can get. This is especially true if you have everything running through the mix and through the same speakers. As instruments tend to take up similar sound frequencies, things have to be done to allow them to be heard.

This is where analog products come in. While digital can produce a very similar sound to analog, it lacks the power and oomph that an analog synth has. If you have ever performed at a live show, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you need your instrument to be heard and cut through, analog is the way to go hands down.

Analog Synths Still Play An Important Role In Live

No Reliance On Computers

With digital synths you generally have to bring your software with you to your performances. This can be an issue, especially if the venue you are playing at is tight and does not have much room. Along with that, you now have to worry about any technical difficulties that might occur. Analog synths just leave you with the keyboard, freeing up stage space for other instruments and lowering the chance of problems. If you want to be freed from relying on computers, then stick with an analog synth.

At the end of the day, it comes down to preference. Digital synths do have a lot to offer just like analogs do. The important thing to understand is that digital will not erase analog and it is not 100% better than it either. Which one do you prefer?