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    Are the savings of a cosmetic surgery holiday worth it?

    When it comes to going overseas for cut-price cosmetic surgery and IVF without the wait, opinions are devised. Whilst most holidaymakers jetting off abroad this summer are focused on packing their suitcases full of summer garments, others are preparing for what could be a massive gamble. For some finding the best Laser Hair Removal London has to offer provides peace of mind, whilst others risk poor treatment abroad in order to pay less.

    Despite the risk, thousands of Britons and people around the world alike are travelling abroad to receive hair transplants and tummy tucks at a reduced cost – but are the saving of a cosmetic surgery holiday worth it?

    Cosmetic surgery in the UK VS abroad

    Despite the fact that cosmetic surgery costs undoubtedly less abroad than it does in the UK, you must weigh up any potential savings against the risks of undergoing treatment in an unfamiliar environment.

    All surgeries, including cosmetic surgery carry at least one risk. There are a number of potential complications relating to any surgical procedure including anaesthesia, pneumonia, blood clots and even death, so no matter whether you undergo cosmetic surgery in the UK or abroad, you are equally as exposed to these risks.

    Finding your surgeon or clinic

    Finding the right cosmetic surgeon for your needs abroad may be much harder than you expect. Not only do you need to find out how both doctors and clinics are regulated in your chosen country, whether it be Spain, Poland, Turkey or elsewhere, you must know how standards are enforced.

    If complications arise after your cosmetic surgery in the UK, it is the surgeons responsibility to provide follow-up treatment, but when patients seek cosmetic surgery abroad, aftercare is not always straightforward and may be difficult to obtain since some overseas cosmetic clinics do not provide follow-up treatment at all, whilst others do but not up to the same standard as in the UK.

    The holiday sell

    If you are seriously considering cosmetic surgery abroad, beware of the holiday sell. Before you decide to have cosmetic surgery abroad (or in the UK), you should be able to identify the reasons for wanting it.

    It is crucial to do some research first. You should avoid websites that offer cosmetic surgery abroad as a treatment and holiday in one and meet-and-greets with sales people as opposed to the surgeon who will operate on you.

    You should never pay to visit a hospital you have never seen, or agree to have surgery performed by a surgeon you have never met without finding out more about their history within the medical industry.

    A professional surgeon will happily show you before and after comparison picture of their work and will ensure you fully understand the risks involved in the cosmetic surgery procedure you are hoping to undertake, as well as the limitations and alternative options.

    Travel insurance

    You need to understand what procedures are in place and what treatment can be provided if things were to go wrong during or after your treatment.

    Before you agree to cosmetic surgery abroad, you need to know what insurance arrangements you chosen clinic or doctor have and whether these will cover you. You should also identify your own travel insurance covers, since many standard holiday or travel insurance policies do not cover you if something goes wrong during planned treatment.

    Asking the right questions

    You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions or raise any concerns you may have. You have a right to know everything you wish and must fully understand what you are getting yourself into.

    During your cosmetic surgery consultation, we suggest asking your surgeon about their qualifications, how many times they have performed the procedure, what the potential risks and complications are and where the surgery will take place. You should be operated on in a hospital or approved surgical clinic – not at a medi-spa!

    If your chosen clinic, surgeon or doctor is unable to provide you with thorough answers, you should seriously consider whether to go ahead with the surgery or not – the savings will most definitely not be worth the risk!

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