Are Water Tankless Heater Worth It? 4 Pros and Cons

Are Water Tankless Heater Worth It

Saving energy has become one of the main focuses of many people of our generation. As a result, tankless heaters have become quite popular. The question is: Are they truly worth it? Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide. 

1. Instant Hot Water 

The advantage of having a tankless heater is that you do not have to wait for it to heat up the entire amount of water in the tank. Based on the information available on, the advantage of having a tankless heater is that your hot water supply is not only instant but also constant. That is because instead of having to wait until the entire tank is heated to get a supply of hot water, tankless heaters now use built-in electric elements that heat up the water from the pipe allowing instant hot water to flow from the faucet. 

2. It Cannot Handle Multiple Water Supplies at a Time 

While this kind of heater has the power to transform cold water into hot water, it has trouble supplying hot water to more than one outlet. So, if more than one person were to take a shower at the same time, the water temperature will be inconsistent. That means that a hot water shower won’t be possible if the washing machine is turned on, too. In spite of sounding quite inconvenient, it just takes a bit of getting used to and coordinating with the rest of your household members. But, at least the hot water supply doesn’t end once directed at one outlet, allowing a constant supply of hot water without having to worry about it being used. 

3. It Saves Energy 

Tankless heaters work by using energy to instantly change the temperature of the water flowing through the pipes. And this requires a lot of power, but the good thing is that the power is turned on only when the faucet is actually used, instead of heating the entire water stored in the tank-like previous heaters. This helps not only save energy but also reduce your monthly bills. 

4. High Initial Costs 

As mentioned above, you’ll find that your monthly costs have been reduced; however, the initial installation costs will be quite high. When compared to regular water heaters, tankless water heaters require almost double the costs when installing due to the technicalities needed to provide instant hot water to your pipes.

Are Water Tankless Heater Worth It

If you’re looking to move towards an energy-efficient home, then heatless water tanks will be just what you need. Instead of having to heat and reheat the water stored in the tanks, the energy is only directed to heating the water when it is running by using high powered gas burners or energy coils. This helps save up all that energy that previously used to go to waste as well as working on raising the temperature of the water in the pipes. With tankless water heaters you’ll be saving energy, and you’ll also find that your monthly bills have been reduced by almost 22%. Doesn’t that sound like a great reason to start saving energy?