Aussies Can Be Likened to Olympians in the Bedroom

Aussies Can Be Likened to Olympians in the Bedroom

Aussies Can Be Likened to Olympians in the Bedroom, Data From Male Pleasure Brand Arcwave Reveals

  • Aussies are a competitive bunch with 55% of sports fans believing they have better sex than average

  • Masturbating is a team sport for Aussies, with nearly half (47%) using a sex toy with their partner

  • Australians’ favourite sex positions are as varied as their favourite Olympic sport

The Tokyo 2021 Olympics will be the first in history where fans will be barred from most Olympic events, but it won’t stop them from being the most watched sporting events in Australia this July.

The Olympics will provide an opportunity for fans across the globe to witness the physical peak of humankind with seemingly superhuman strength and agility. However, behind the scenes of the herculean achievements, the Olympic Village is known to be a hotbed of pent-up hormones, with stories of lust and sex regularly reported during the fortnight.

As the Olympics approach, and with many Australians forced apart due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, male pleasure brand Arcwave has conducted its own sex survey to reveal the sexual habits of Olympic fans in Australia:

Australian Fans Are in Pursuit of Pleasure

While sex will be off the table for many players and fans alike this Olympics, Australians will keep cumming regardless: Australian Olympic fans report masturbating 4 times per week on average. More than a half (55%) of them orgasm every time they masturbate, with nearly three-quarters (63%) of Australians not feeling the need to talk about it.

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’: Masturbating is a Team Sport

Masturbating is as much a team sport as it is an activity to do by yourself in Australia: nearly half (47%) of Australians admit to having used a sex toy with their partner, with another 25% want to try it out.

Confidence is Key When It Comes to Competing

Athletes need to be optimistic and confident when they compete in the Olympics, and it turns out Australians share this competitive mindset when it comes to getting their heart rates up in the bedroom. Over a half (61%) of Australians believing they have a better than average sex life, with 45% reporting they have sex with their partner at least once per week.

Which Country Comes Out on Top?

While Australians can be likened to Olympians in the bedroom, where do they sit in compassion to the rest of the competing countries? The results of the Arcwave Olympic Survey found that the “masturbation champion” was Spain, with 53% of respondents reporting they masturbate at least once per week. Australia ranks 6th in the world when it comes to masturbating at least once per week:

1. Spain: 53 %
2. USA: 51 %
3. UK 48 %
4. Italy 47 %
5. Canada 46 %
6. Australia 45 %
7. Austria 44 %
8. Switzerland 44 %
9. Germany 43 %
10. New Zealand 42 %
11. France 40 %
12. Hong Kong 36 %
13. Russia 36 %
14. Singapore 35 %
15. Taiwan 35 %
16. Japan 32 %
17. Korea 32 %

Australians Like to Mix It Up

Australian fans are a mixed bag when it comes to their favourite Olympic sport – and it’s the same when it comes to favourite sex positions. Nearly one quarter (23%) of Australian fans report that their favourite sport to watch and support is tennis, followed by soccer (19%), swimming (17%) and basketball (16%). Their favourite sex positions are equally varied. Nearly a third (32%) of Australian fans reveal doggy style as their favourite sex position with 24% preferring ‘missionary’, 14% preferring cowgirl and 10% prefer 69.