Australia Migration Program preliminary inquiry

Australia Migration Program

Australia launches preliminary inquiry to its migration program

Australia is focusing on encouraging migrants to live and work in regional areas and as a part of that it has launched a preliminary inquiry to the migration program of Australia.

The parliamentary inquiry will consider the separate views of the Treasury, Infrastructure and Home Affairs portfolio areas to confirm the direction of Australia’s immigration policy in relation to:

Australia’s temporary and permanent migration rate and its impact on infrastructure, the economic benefits of migration  as well as the incentives to be given to encourage migrants to settle outside Sydney and Melbourne.

 It is said that Australia’s permanent migration intake rate has already been reduced by 30,000 places, temporary migration figures are now coming into the spotlight amid ongoing congestion concerns.

Shift of Migration focus

According to statistics there seems to be a shift in focus to Net Overseas Migration (NOM) figures, which takes into account the total number of migrants on a temporary or permanent visa in Australia at any given time. April’s Federal Budget figures show Australia’s total Net Overseas Migration will peak at 271,000 this year, which is 50,000 more than 2018-19 Federal Budget planning levels.

Regional Australia Migration Program

According to Australia’s 2019-20 Migration Program For regional Australia there are opportunities to make stronger use of immigration programs. Visa programs can support economic development of regions, but is not the only solution. A multi-faceted approach taking into consideration the specific requirements of regional communities is needed.

Government consults states and territories

It further states that the Australian Government consults with states and territories at multiple points each year to seek advice on the size and composition of the permanent Migration Program. This two-way dialogue supports the economic development needs of states and territories and that the best settlement outcomes for migrants and refugees are being achieved.

According to the 2019-20 Australian Migration program planning levels, 23000 will be granted permission to migrate to the regions and out of them, 9000 will be Skilled Employer-Sponsored while the balance 14000 will fall into the skill work regional category.

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