Australia Needs IT Professionals!

Australia needs IT Professionals - Men on Computer

Australia is screaming out for IT professionals, recent reports suggest that they are in high demand but also in short supply. Companies are now seeking to transform into digital businesses more than ever, making this the perfect opportunity of IT Professionals, as there is a strong platform to develop ones career. This is why so many have looked towards recruitment companies like Aurec, to ensure maximum efficiency and also, to land the perfect job role.

Demand for IT Professional is greater than Number of Candidates

Recent surveys have found that demand is outstripping supply for candidates with data analytics, digital, security and web development capabilities. As Australia is rapidly developing within all industries, it is no secret to IT professionals that they are the driving force behind any digital aspects of any business.

Australian Employers Need IT Skills to meet increased Digital Activities

Most companies are motivated to become digital businesses to survive in competitive markets; it has now become the case of going with the stream or being left behind. This has perhaps created a void in the area of employment due to there being such a vast demand, so vast in fact that Australia quite simply cannot keep up.

This has created a window for IT professionals around the world and with the correct qualifications; those seeking employment are welcomed with open arms.

IT Professionals on Skilled Workers Visa/ 457 Visa

The Australian Subclass 457 Work Visa allows Australian and overseas employers to sponsor an immigrant worker for entry into Australia for up to 4 years and carry out skilled work occupations.


The Australian government also permits the visa holders close family member’s entry, and to work or study if they wish.


On entry with a 457 visa, there is no limit to the amount of times you can leave and return during your 4 years. This is also a fantastic way to work toward permanent residency!


Overall, this is a great opportunity for working professions such as IT professionals to consider their options in regards to moving to Australia for work. This is why so many have reached great success by turning to recruitment companies like Aurec, because there are endless options and one perfect job among them!

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