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  • Work Visas For Australia

    Australian Work Visas Explained

    If you’re considering moving abroad and have decided on Australia as the perfect place for you then you’re not alone. Australia is one of the most common places for people to emigrate to and it’s no wonder! With gorgeous weather, stunning scenery and amazing people – Australia is definitely the place to go to start afresh.

    Unfortunately, because Australia is such a popular destination, their government have a strict set of rules which will allow people to work and live there. These are skill and qualification based – so read on to find out if you have what they want!

    Work Visas for living in Australia – which one do you need?


    If you are a skilled worker or business person and thinking of immigrating to Australia, you can be considered for a skilled visa by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI). This can be done through SkillSelect, but it is worth remembering that this isn’t a visa application. It is just an indication that you would like to be considered.

    Working in Australia –

    If you want any general information about work visas, occupations which are considered ‘skilled’, any licensing/registration requirements then is the website for you. Take a look at our detailed help guides or read expat interviews and if you have any general questions you can always email us at

    Have a search through our menu for links to some of the most relevant information for Australian Work Visas.


    If you are a doctor – trained in or out of Australia, look here for information regarding work visas. If you are a doctor and are interested in incentives for working in more regional or remote locations across Australia, you can also find information here.

    Employer sponsored workers

    Australian employers should look here for information about sponsoring people who have the recognised skills or qualifications or experience and are looking to work in the country.

    Harvest Trail

    The horticultural industry in Australia is big. This site will connect workers with growers all across the country. It also has information on the Harvest Trail – a great way for people to travel across Australia however they want, all while working and earning money at the same time.


    This handy little app allows you to check your visa work rights, study rights, travel conditions and your visas expiry date. It also has a great feature which enables you to send your visa details straight to your employer or school. Search the APP Store or Google Play for myVEVO or download here

    Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

    Points-tested skilled workers should have a look here if you are considering working and living in Australia. This will provide you with information, though you will need to submit an EOI to be considered for this visa.

    Skilled occupations lists

    The SOL (Skilled Occupation List) provides information for people who are looking to immigrate to Australia by showing which skilled occupations are in demand. It also has which are acceptable for either permanent or temporary migration to the country.

    Trade Skills Assessment (TRA) and assessing authorities

    Provides information on how to get a skills assessment for your occupation, including any educational qualifications, trade skills or experience gained anywhere in the world. The TRA are an official government approved assessing body and for specific Australian Work Visas you’ll need to ensure you have completed the relevant test for your industry.

    Official companies who run the tests include Down Under Centre which is a global company and the Down Under Centre, which is located in London.

    Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)

    Skilled workers who want to live and work in Australia temporarily or for the purpose of permanent migration. It allows you to work in your chosen field for an approved sponsor for up to four years. This was one of the most popular pathways to residency, however recent Visa reforms confirmed in 2017 mean this visa will be changing by May 2018. For more information on eligibility, we recommend you speak to a registered Australian Migration agent and review the official website

    Related article: See combined list of eligible occupations for subclass 457 and 186 visas here

    Travel for business

    If your business takes you around the globe, this is the place for you. If you are looking to establish a new business or manage an existing one, relevant information can be found here. There is information on APEC travel cards, conferences, events and what imports can and cannot be taken into the country.

    Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)

    VEVO is an online service, allowing you to check all details relevant to your visa. It will also provide you with details about your visa conditions. VEVO can also come in handy as it allows certain organisations to view some of your details – like if you are permitted to work or study in Australia.

    Visa holders and migrants – know your workplace rights

    Once you have your visa, you need to know your rights. Make sure you check out this information before you start working in the county.

    Australian Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 and 462)

    Young people (18-30) who want to holiday or work in Australia for up to one year should look here for information. Applying for this visa will mean you have to hold a valid passport from an eligible country.

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    Workplace rights – visa holders working in Australia

    Knowing your rights before travel is crucial before you start any job. Find information on your rights as a visa holder and prevent yourself from being exploited.

    So now you’ve got a little more knowledge about Australia Visas the next question is which one is right for you? If you’re planning on working in Australia and think that you could potentially stay more than a year, we highly recommend you speak with a MARA approved Australian Migration agent. You can view some Migration agent listing right here at

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