Autoerotique Keith Robertson


AutoerotiqueLike many a curious teenager, Keith Robertson didn’t take long to discover one of Mother Nature’s finest herbal remedies. But instead of an attack of the munchies, he and Autoerotique bandmate David Henderson discovered Groove Armada and dance music.
This month, the Candian duo board the We Love Sounds fun bus, heading to a city near you soon…


BBM: Hi Keith, how’s things?
I’m good thanks. I’m in Toronto, our home town.

You’ve recently been signed up to come to Australia for We Love Sounds haven’t you?
Yeah. I heard about it about two weeks ago. Festivals are a lot of fun. They’re definitely one of the best things about being a DJ or involved in electronic music.

Are they better than touring on your own?
Yeah. If you’re going to be travelling somewhere, you may as well make the most of it. You don’t want to be going to some crazy destination and just fly between places- although that’s what we’re doing this weekend actually. We’re going to Puerto Rico then Calgary all within a few hours.
It’s always nice to have more than one date in the same place so you can check out the city, the club life and hear what people are in to in terms of music.

How does the club scene in Australia match up to what you’re used to?
It’s really similar in a lot of ways. Canada has maybe two or three hotspots within each province and there’re about six or seven provinces hot for partying. It’s cool because you get to know the producers of that music. You can’t do that in some places – in LA there’s so much going on you don’t know what’s happening.

Does the music vary much from city to city or country to country?
Yeah. In the UK everyone’s in to dub-step. In LA and America, everybody’s in to really heavy electro. In Montreal it’s minimal techno and electronica. Toronto’s on a big house tip. And the Aussies just love everything.

You’re latest tune Bubonic is doing well on Beatport. It was 14th.
Yeah. We’re trying to get it in the top 10, so whatever you can do to make it happen, make it happen.

No problem. BBM has it’s own singles reviews page that has launched many a band. Keith, considering a lot of music is based online these days, do you find yourself scouring the net to see how your tunes are doing?
When it first drops, yeah. Everybody’s really interested in tracking it and seeing which countries are picking it up; who’s buying it, who’s stealing it. All of that stuff.

Is it right that Groove Armada’s Northern Star changed everything for you in terms of music?
Yeah. It was the first time I smoked weed – I must have been 14 or 15 – and [Northern Star] just hit me. They’ve always been one of my favourites.
What are you expecting from the Aussie crowds this time around?
Hopefully the same as last time. Lots of people getting naked and throwing plastic cups in the air, lighting fires… The last time we were there, the people who brought us over had us play in one of their clubs and they had a Japanese bondage show going on while I was DJing. That was some crazy shit. I’ve never seen stuff like that before in my life. People spinning from the ceiling on ropes and being whipped. Champagne being sprayed…(Keith trails off whimsically)
I guess you could say it was very Autoerotique…

Good pun, sir! So you’re hoping for some more Japanese bondage then?
Yeah… No. I don’t need any more of that shit.

You’re touring with some pretty big names when you’re here. Does it ever get competitive between you and other acts?
I hope not. The only competition I’ll be having is to see how many beers I can finish when I’m in Australia.

See Autorerotique as they travel the country with We Love Sounds: 5 June – Canberra; 6 June – Perth; 12 June